Jun. 17th, 2013

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I think this is done now, though I'm sure there will be some minor tweaks over time.

Tiger & Bunny: Karina, Nathan, and Pao-lin

T&B specifics )

Final Fantasy VI
: Terra Branford

FF6 specifics )

.hack//SIGN: BT and Bear

BT forever! )

Heartcatch Precure
: Itsuki, Tsubomi, Erika, and Yuri

Not much that wasn't in my signup )

Suikoden III: Zexen Knights

I'm a giant fangirl for Chris Lightfellow )

General likes and dislikes

General likes and dislikes )
lirillith: Locke x Terra (Locke x Terra)
First off: The prompts for all of these are just meant to help you with ideas if you need them.  If some other idea grabs you, go for it!  They're guidelines, not rules, you know?  In general, I ship pairings because I think they'd make each other happy and be good for each other, not because they're so fascinatingly fucked-up or dysfunctional.  With one exception (which I'll note in the description of that pairing) I'd strongly prefer a happy or hopeful ending for the pairing.

Final Fantasy VI: Locke/Terra, Setzer/Celes

FF6 )

Tiger & Bunny:
 Nathan/Antonio, Pao-lin/Karina, Karina/Kotetsu, Karina/Barnaby, Karina/Kotetsu/Barnaby

T&B ships )

Dangan Ronpa:  Sakura/Aoi, Celes/Yamada, Kirigiri/Naegi/Togami

Beware of spoilers, those of you who may be holding out for the anime. )

General likes and dislikes, squicks, etc.

The lists )
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