Feb. 6th, 2015

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Art things: I have an insatiable appetite for characters messing with or styling each other's hair, holding hands, dancing, laughing together, or snuggling, as seems appropriate for the duo (i.e. obviously some characters and pairings are much less inclined to cuddle, dance, etc. than others.)  I love limited palettes -- I will never get tired of the palette challenge as it circulates around Tumblr and Twitter -- but I'm having a hard time thinking of other technical elements I tend to like. 

About other ships: Although I'm obviously a multi-shipper for the most part, I do have some vehement DNW pairings, so it's probably best to avoid background pairings or mentions of ships that aren't the focus of the fic.  Also, just because I ship two people with the same person doesn't mean I ship them *at the same time,* so please, no threesomes or poly unless it's something I've actually requested.

Wants:  Happy people who can and do have fun together and make each other laugh; awkwardness and imperfection in general, both in sex and in the early stages of a relationship; established couples who retain the same patterns of bickering or teasing they had before they got together; but at the same time, I like to see how relationships can adjust your behavior and how someone can let a hard exterior crack a bit without totally shedding it; give-and-take in sex and the rest of life, not one partner taking charge while the other's passive.

DNWs:  Infidelity, noncon/dubcon, excessive focus on bodily fluids (at all, but especially not fluids that wouldn't traditionally turn up in sex) or smells.  Or feet.  No foot fetish.  I'm down with smut but I'm not a big fan of kink fic or BDSM. I actively dislike settling-for-second-best in ship fics -- no "he'd rather be with someone else" or two people hooking up because they're both in love with a third party they can't have. 


Please, no background ships; this is one fandom where there are some pairings I'd very much rather not see.  I'd be open to AUs using either of the ending sequences, Splash Free or Future Fish, either fic or art, for any of these pairings, especially since the recently-released Momo and Nitori mook has elaborated on their Future Fish role and given one to Gou as well.

Nagisa/Gou, Nagisa/Rin, Sousuke/Gou, Sousuke/Nitori )

Tiger & Bunny

T&B specific requests: Since it's an English-speaking setting, please no Japanese honorifics or terminology unless it's coming from Ivan.  And I prefer male pronouns for Nathan.

Nathan/Antonio, Barnaby/Karina, Kotetsu/Karina/Barnaby, Pao-lin/Kaede )

Ace Attorney

I haven't played AAI2 or read full spoilers for it.  Or PL vs. AA, for that matter.  Everything else is fair game.  Please treat Edgeworth and Franziska as a sibling relationship if it comes up.

Gumshoe/Franziska, Edgeworth/Gumshoe, Phoenix/Franziska, Apollo/Juniper )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

I was familiar with the game's story before the NA release but I've also played it on the Vita, so my use of surnames for most characters is more about habit than preference.  Use whatever works best for you.  (Though I do have something of a preference for Gundam's overblown diction in Oren's translation, compared to the somewhat simplified dialog of the NISA version.) 

Sonia/Gundam, Hinata/Nanami, Nidai/Akane )

I hope that helps somewhat!
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