Jun. 25th, 2016

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  • Missing scenes, episode tags, fic that gets into greater depth with canon events than canon itself did
  • Dialog, strong character voices, flirting, banter
  • Awkward, faily attempts at romance or sex that nonetheless work out in the end (awkward sex with both parties laughing isn't bad sex, it's the BEST sex)
  • Related: Couples who can laugh and have fun in bed, or just in general
  • Couples trading off who takes the lead depending on circumstances rather than one partner always dominating
  • Smut in general, though I fall more at the vanilla end of the spectrum
  • Happy, welcome, healthy pregnancy
  • Pining, but only as a prelude to a couple getting together or at least progress in that direction
  • Clothed or mostly clothed sex and frottage
  • Temperature play, and possibly relatedly, use of superpowers/magic powers during sex
  • Talking during sex in a non-dirty-talk way -- like, trying to carry on the pre-sex conversation until they get distracted into incoherence

  • Mention of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or other traumatic/negative outcomes to pregnancy.  Infertility, in particular; I don't want to see it handled poorly and I'd rather not see it at all.
  • Characters embarrassing themselves, knowingly or otherwise.  I distinguish this from the "awkward romance" that I actually like, in that I think of that as a more mutual thing (or at least, if one partner's flailing, the other's at least viewing the whole thing with affection.)  But I don't want some poor soul screwing up while everyone around them looks on with pity and disdain.
  • Unprompted setting-change AUs, fusions or crossovers.  Canon-divergence is fine, though!
  • Gore and graphic violence; eye/hand injuries in particular are squicks
  • Animal harm or death
  • Any mention of cockroaches (unlikely in fanfic! But canons keep mentioning them. Please use some other method to indicate squalor.)
  • Excessive focus on bodily fluids and smells during sex (obviously fluids happen, you don't have to go non-explicit to avoid them, but I don't want loving, detailed descriptions of ejaculate, saliva, or wetness, excessive amounts of them, comeplay, etc.)  Definitely no sex featuring fluids like blood, vomit, or urine that aren't standard parts of sex.
Okay, those lists were fairly fic-focused, though the visual things (no gore, etc.) still apply to art.  If you matched on art (which never happens to me, but I live in hope) some art-specific likes: Hands (I know they're hard, I'm sorry) and hair -- hand-holding during sex or whenever else, a hand on a pregnant belly, one character's long hair wound around another's finger, braiding or styling hair, running fingers through hair; dancing, formal wear, and wedding art; limited color palettes; in modern canons, photography (selfies, photobooth pics, photos taken by other people)

Tiger & Bunny

Fandom-specific: No Japanese honorifics, please, unless they're coming from Ivan; it's an English-speaking setting. 

Antonio/Nathan )

The Royal Trap

Madeleine/Nazagi/Cassidy; Madeleine/Callum )


Gou/Nagisa; Gou/Sousuke )
Edited August 13: Additional prompts/fandoms for anyone who's so kind as to pick up my pinch hit!

Ace of Diamond: I've seen the entire anime, but haven't picked up the manga yet.  Information beyond the anime ending will be lost on me, I'm afraid.

Furuya/Miyuki, Miyuki/Narumiya )

Ace Attorney

Gumshoe/Franziska, Franziska/Phoenix )

Dangan Ronpa: I'm watching the DR3 anime, so no worries about spoilers.

Nidai/Akane, Hinata/Nanami )


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