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I think this is done now, though I'm sure there will be some minor tweaks over time.

Tiger & Bunny: Karina, Nathan, and Pao-lin

The Girl Power Trio!  (I do prefer male pronouns for Nathan, though.)  I love these three, and fic about any one of them, let alone all three together, is way too hard to find. 

I'd love to see gen from the one-year timeskip in episode 25.  Even setting aside Karina's crush on Kotetsu, the loss of T&B has to have changed the dynamic for the remaining heroes, and some exploration of that would be interesting.  I'd love something focusing on any one of the three as individuals, for that matter:  Origin stories (how did their powers manifest?); Karina and her relationships with her parents or her civilian friends, her singing career, how much input she has into the Blue Rose persona and how she feels about it (beyond the catchphrase;) Pao-lin and her relationships with her parents or with Natasha, how she dealt with culture shock on coming to Stern Bild, how she feels about being a hero considering that she started very young; Nathan's motivations to become a hero, the development of his supercar and his hero persona, or how he balances heroics with his role as the owner of Helios.  Some of the Word of God info suggests Nathan and Agnes are friends, and I'd love to see that in a fic, too.

And while I'm talking about gen, I ship a lot of pairings in this fandom, too.  I'd love to see some Pao-lin/Karina!  I see Pao-lin as the one developing a crush and acknowledging her feelings first, in part because it took Karina quite some time to admit to her feelings for Kotetsu, and she'd presumably have at least as much trouble facing up to bisexuality.  Or maybe some semi-femslash exploration, like, say, a few years on Agnes is ship-teasing the two of them for ratings regardless of how they feel about it... so how DO they feel about it? (I should add - this prompt was written before I finally, belatedly, got around to listening to the drama CD where this exact thing happens.  Agnes tries again, maybe.)  And you could hook Nathan up with any of the guys, or more than one of them, and make me very happy.  

I do want fic about the friendship between this trio.  But I also just want fic focusing on any of these three characters, so if that means you want to write Karina/[other hero] from Karina's POV with her friends as supporting characters (or Nathan/[other hero], or Pao-lin) I'd be thrilled with that, too. It can be hard to find anything that doesn't center on Kotetsu and Barnaby.

Regarding ships:  The girls are both young, even if (as I do) you take Karina as eighteen at the end of the series.  When I talk about shipping them with any of the older characters, I mean at some point in the future.  I ship Karina with Kotetsu (once she's like twenty-five,) Barnaby, Kotetsu and Barnaby at the same time, and Keith.  I like Pao-lin with Ivan or Kaede, again a few years past canon (I'm not sure how old she is in the first place, but Kaede we know.)  And as mentioned, I like Nathan with everybody, though if he's hooking up with Kotetsu or Barnaby I see it more as friends-with-benefits.

Final Fantasy VI
: Terra Branford

I only signed up for Terra, but you'll probably want to bring in other characters!  I see Katarin as one of Terra's closest friends, and also the first person she's known who links her to normal life; on the other hand, Celes is about the only person she knows with a similar background, someone who relates to magic in at all the same way she does and probably feels its loss in close to the same way.  And it seems to me that in the second half of the game, Terra's probably going to connect with Gau and Relm, the two motherless children on the airship, since she's a temporarily childless foster-mother.

I'd love to see exploration of Terra and Celes’s relationship both past and present, whether they were childhood friends and Terra doesn’t remember, or Terra was this kind of rumor/cautionary tale/ghost haunting Celes’s youth but seldom visible until they meet in Narshe.  And while it's always a lot to ask, I'd dearly love Locke/Terra (or Locke & Terra.)  I ship them like my life depends on it, but in lieu of romance, close friendship and an exploration of their importance to each other would be fine. 

I could also get behind a Locke/Terra/Celes OT3 provided it's not centered around Locke and Celes being together first.  I don't want to see Locke and Celes together at all unless it's a triad with Terra involved, not even as a briefly-mentioned background pairing.  The only other big fandom-specific thing here is that I hate when the kids in Mobliz are written out of Terra's life entirely.  Putting them offstage is fine (kids are hard to write!) but having them all adopted to get them out of your and her hair is not.

.hack//SIGN: BT and Bear

BT is one of my favorite characters of all time, in all her crabby, self-absorbed, terrible-at-PVP glory. I love her. I want just about anything involving BT. I ship her with Bear (.hack//Unison made my year when I got hold of it) but I'd be thrilled with gen character study too. Some possibilities: Her ill-fated offline meeting with Crim, her awkward first meeting with Bear and how they interacted after that, the way they reconciled after they spent the middle segment of the series at odds, or the way she got started in gaming in the first place.

I was tremendously obsessed with this fandom about ten years ago and I still love it dearly, but I missed the boat on the GU/Roots era of canon.  I'm completely out of touch with everything that came after Sign and the first game quartet, for the record, so any additional canon details don't matter to me.

I have played MMORPGs extensively since watching Sign, and so if you prefer to tweak the in-game setting a bit to make for a more plausible MMORPG, I wouldn't blame you; but I hadn't played any at the time I watched Sign and so the differences from a real game didn't throw me out of the setting at the time.

Heartcatch Precure
: Itsuki, Tsubomi, Erika, and Yuri

This is one of my newest fandoms. I love all the characters; I relate most to Tsubomi, but Erika's the one who lights up my life just by making ridiculous faces, and I really like the way that Itsuki's story arc doesn't conclude with her wearing skirts and frills all the time, just with being more comfortable with herself and her own likes and dislikes.  I ship Itsuki and Tsubomi, and I'd love to see something about Tsubomi gradually acknowledging that, in fact, learning Itsuki was a girl didn't do away with her attraction, or something about Itsuki's feelings; until meeting Tsubomi, the way that girls crushed on her was pretty closely linked to her avoidance of femininity, after all.

And I don't mean to slight Yuri!  I love the way the younger girls try to emulate her, and her competence is just amazing.  It's not really relevant to writing fic, but the fight scenes in this show were epic.  (I guess if you wanted to do art or video treats?)

But I'd also love gen about any combination of the girls. Maybe an exploration of how they wind back down to normal life after the end of the series?  Yuri seems to take it all more calmly than the younger girls, but we don't really see her grieving in the aftermath, just the way she feels some time down the line, possibly as much as a year.

I ended up trimming my request somewhat, but I'm going to throw a few tangential ideas out there on the "if nothing else is working for you" principle.  I adore Erika and Momoka's bickering sisterly relationship - I have a younger sister of my own, so I can relate - and I'd love to see more development of Yuri and Momoka's relationship; Momoka's isolated from their other classmates, so how did she and Yuri connect, and what do they have in common?  And I love Kaoruko's presence as a mentor and advisor as well as the glimpses we see of her youth. 

Suikoden III: Zexen Knights

While the Zexen Knights were far and away my favorites, I loved the way the three-protagonists system gave you multiple perspectives on the same events.  Chris is unquestionably my favorite character in that game, and possibly in the whole Suikoden series.  I love both the Lady-of-War element of her character and the way she interacts with the other knights - maintaining enough distance not to undermine her authority, but also clearly viewing them as friends and comfortable joking around with them.  I'm always interested in runic magic, and especially with Chris, given the personal baggage of the True Water Rune, and the fact that Chris both is and isn't an ice queen - I certainly think she projects that persona deliberately at times, but she never seems cold or repressed when dealing with people she knows well, including the other knights.  I really like the way that things are temporarily resolved but not permanently fixed, post-game, but the fact that there's never been a Suikoden III sequel is one of the things I mourn the most about the Suikoden series.

A note: I really had issues with the way the Suiko3 manga characterized Chris as unconfident and weepy and the way it handled the knights' relations with the uncooperative and corrupt government (military coups and fabricating evidence are not the solution!)  Wherever there's a difference, I vastly prefer game characterization.

  • Chris/Salome: navigating a relationship given some of the obstacles in their way (the fact he's her second-in-command, her immortality and his lack of it...)
  • Percival's return, post-game - why he comes out of retirement, when, how he returns and how they all react.  
  • Something set earlier, before Chris becomes captain - she's the youngest of the knights, though close in age to Borus and Percival, so what was it like having her as the rookie?  
  • Squire-era fic about Chris, Borus and Percival.
  • Have them tackle the issue of the traitors on the Council, and the general corruption in Zexen government.  The RIGHT way, not the integrity-free way the manga did it. 

General likes and dislikes

I like:  Exploration of the workings of powers/magic/etc., and world-building in general.  Groups of friends working together and relying on each other.  Large ensemble pieces, though I certainly know they're not easy to write. Family relationships in all their complexity, especially sibling relationships.  Realistic sex scenes, complete with awkwardness and laughter and things not always being perfect.  Domesticity, especially if it still reflects canonical differences-of-opinion, disparate backgrounds, tendencies to bicker, etc.  Exploration of characters' hobbies and habits (what they read, what they do in their downtime.)  Exploration of canonical memory issues (i.e. for Terra, Barnaby, etc.)  Long-distance relationships that work out.  Tomboys who are allowed to remain tomboyish.  I have a strange but pronounced fondness for characters styling/playing with with each other's hair -- other forms of nonsexual intimacy are great too, but that's one that I really seem to like.

Dislikes and squicks: Incest or incest-like kinks (daddykink, etc.)  Also, feet.  Feet are actively unsexy to me.  Infidelity, or related but more broad, romantic relationships in which one partner is lying to another about something important (a secret identity, for instance) and it's never addressed.  Situations where characters are publicly humiliated or put on the spot; this extends to elaborate public marriage proposals.  The word "bromance," though not the concept.  The usual kink suspects (mpreg, excessive or unusual bodily fluids and excretions used sexually, necrophilia, etc.)


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