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First off: The prompts for all of these are just meant to help you with ideas if you need them.  If some other idea grabs you, go for it!  They're guidelines, not rules, you know?  In general, I ship pairings because I think they'd make each other happy and be good for each other, not because they're so fascinatingly fucked-up or dysfunctional.  With one exception (which I'll note in the description of that pairing) I'd strongly prefer a happy or hopeful ending for the pairing.

Final Fantasy VI: Locke/Terra, Setzer/Celes

There are a million ways to make me happy here.  Any rating is fine (MAN I would love some smut for one of my ships) and most basically-canon-aligned content: I'd prefer not to get something utterly dark and hopeless, but angst along the way to a hopeful ending is fine by me.

Talking about these ships is a bit difficult, because I don't want to come across as bashing Locke/Celes... but at the same time, it's so prominent that it's hard to articulate my reasons for preferring other pairings without contrasting them to Locke/Celes.  However, I'd really prefer to have Locke/Celes completely left out, not referenced as a past or background pairing.

Locke/Terra:  I shipped Locke and Terra from the very first time I played the game, back when it first came out for the SNES as FF3.  I have a very hard time explaining my love of this pairing -- I know how I feel about it, but putting it into words is another thing entirely.  Locke's protectiveness is a big part of what I liked at the beginning, but I also love the fact that by the end, Terra doesn't really need it; I love that their epiphanies in the World of Ruin aren't linked, that they can come together as equals with no dependence involved, and that learning about romantic love for Terra isn't going to be her first realization along those lines.  I love that she has a family and support system of her own in the end, and that while he's her first friend he's not all she has in the world.  I love that he doesn't threaten to rip her lungs out when she calls him a thief, and I figure she's picked up some mildly larcenous habits from him.

Some prompts:
  • Bonding during their travel together between the sack of Vector and Kefka's assault on Thamasa, whether gen, shippy, or somewhere in between.
  • Angst over confronting Kefka and Terra potentially sacrificing herself.
  • Shippy fic post-game, with the two of them finally getting together.
  • One of them is involved in the other's decision to rejoin the party, whether it's Locke coming to Mobliz to recruit Terra, or Terra talking to Locke in the Phoenix Cave or on the way to Kohlingen afterwards.
  • Terra swipes Locke's belongings and he pretends not to notice until he can steal them back
Celes/Setzer:  I'd idly shipped Celes and Setzer for quite some time, in the sense that both he and Edgar would be better matches for Celes in my view, but it was the FF6 Advance translation that sealed the deal.

Setzer:      That was then... All my dreams are gone now.
Celes:      If you need a dream to chase after, then why don't you find yourself a new one? Like taking back our world.
Setzer:      Heh-heh... You know...maybe you're right. ...You'd chase after it with me then? My new dream?

What I love about the two of them is that Setzer respects her and is inspired by her; it's clear with Setzer/Celes in a way that it isn't, to me, with Locke/Celes, that he appreciates and admires her.  They feel like a good personality match, in that they both maintain a certain amount of distance and reserve to hide the fact that they feel things deeply, but his free-spirited approach to life could do her good just like her discipline and determination help him during the game itself.  

Some prompts:
  • Celes and Setzer interaction not long after their first meeting, on the way to Vector, or in the early World of Ruin
  • Maybe they knew each other before the game?  The fact that Setzer owns the only airship yet Vector has an air force has always suggested that Setzer did business with the Empire, however reluctantly
  • Attending the opera together, which would probably work better post-game
  • Playing cards?  For the ultimate cliche, strip poker?

Tiger & Bunny:
 Nathan/Antonio, Pao-lin/Karina, Karina/Kotetsu, Karina/Barnaby, Karina/Kotetsu/Barnaby

In general, for Tiger & Bunny, I'd prefer something roughly in line with what we know of canon, including in terms of tone: nothing too dark or hopeless, although there can certainly be pain and suffering along the way to a hopeful conclusion.  I'm not keen on AUs here.  I'm just too partial to the canon setting, and especially the superpowers. 

  I don't really know what to say about this pairing — one side of it's canon? XD  I love both characters, and I like exploration of what they have in common and what draws them to each other, which isn't always obvious.  They clearly have a friendship that goes beyond the ass-grabs (and which seems to outweigh the ass-grabs, for Antonio) yet Antonio can't get a break and Nathan's basically on top of the world, to all appearances.  Since neither character gets as much screentime in canon as I'd like, the field's wide-open for a writer's take on how that works for them.  Feel free to flesh out their reactions to any canon event — the Jake incident, the end of the series, a random day-in-the-life — from any level of shippiness, whether Nathan's gradually developing feelings for his favorite grope-target, Antonio's got some unrequited feelings but thinks Nathan's just messing around, or the "don't grope me in public" thing is just an ongoing argument and they've been discreetly banging for years.

Pao-lin/Karina: I was actually shipping this even before I finally got around to listening to the 5th drama CD, just on the basis of the way their personalities mesh and their canonical friendship, but you throw in the drama CD and it's practically canon.  I see Pao-lin as the one making the first move, in part because it took Karina quite some time to admit to her feelings for Kotetsu, and she'd presumably have at least as much trouble facing up to bisexuality. 

I like Pao-lin's tomboyishness; as a woman who never figured out makeup and feels deeply uncomfortable dressed up, I sympathize whole-heartedly, and I'd rather not see that aspect of her personality erased, even if she sometimes humors Karina regarding things like fashion and makeup.  I don't really have many prompts, I'm afraid -- something following up on the drama CD, maybe, and their short-term partnership mentioned there?  Something a few years in the future, when they may have forged a longer-term working partnership?  Or just something slice-of-life, with Pao-lin introducing Karina to the best and most authentic Chinese restaurants in Stern Bild, or the two of them sparring?

Kotetsu/Karina:  I admit, the age difference here bothers me somewhat.  Even if, as I do, you take Karina as eighteen at the end of the series, there's still a major age and experience gap... but at the same time, I love all the little moments like Kotetsu trying to make her smile, or the fact Karina trusted him even with her memory altered.  Despite their age difference, the friendship they have in canon actually works, and I'd like something building on that — if you just want to write pre-relationship bonding and mild flirtation, that'd be great!  But I'd prefer, if they hook up, for it to be set at least a few years in the future.  Ten years later, Kotetsu smacks himself in the forehead as it finally hits him why Blue Rose was acting so weird back then, and suddenly he's just as awkward and incapable of speech around her as she ever was around him? 

If you're writing just this pairing and not aiming for an OT3 arrangement, I'd prefer that Barnaby's feelings for Kotetsu be treated as platonic; I'm not a fan of stories where Barnaby and Karina are at each other's throats over Kotetsu, or where Barnaby's jealous and/or pining while Kotetsu's either oblivious or just not into him that way. 

Despite the fact that they're at odds early in the series, I feel like these two have a lot in common beyond being in love with Kotetsu.  They're both young people alienated from normal life by their choice of career, though Barnaby's more isolated and it's not entirely his decision.  They're both ambitious and comfortable in the limelight, both grouchy tsunderes with giant soft spots they'd rather hide, and (shallow, I know) they're both ridiculously good-looking.  They also both share a fondness for Kotetsu and plenty of frustration with him -- even if you take Barnaby as not even remotely romantically interested in Kotetsu, that'd be one place where they'd find common ground. 

I don't feel like their seven- to eight-year age difference is as much of a barrier to a relationship, because... okay, partly just because I've shipped so many pairings in fantasy or historical settings with larger age gaps that I don't think twice about a mere decade, but also because Barnaby's so undersocialized and isolated that he doesn't have the same experience gap someone else his age might.  At 23, Kotetsu was presumably out on his own, living in Stern Bild, and in a long-term relationship with Tomoe; at 23, Barnaby (though he does live alone) is still figuring out that people like you more when you aren't actively rude to them.  Karina's more socially mature than he is at the start of the series (she has friends her own age, which I doubt has ever been the case for Barnaby) though she's still very much a teenager. 

Maybe they're pushed together by Hero TV filming, trapped somewhere confined but not life-threatening, or set up on a date by their publicists...? Maybe Agnes suggests a storyline, or Barnaby (who seems fairly internet savvy, if not as involved in it as Ivan) realizes some of the fans ship them, and that's the catalyst.  I do feel like they need a shove to figure out they have things in common (or for Karina to demonstrate some compassion for Barnaby, or for Barnaby to see her behaving with maturity) but I don't feel like they're constantly at war in the second half of the series, let alone after the finale.

And as before, I'd rather not have Kotetsu pining away (for either of them) unless you're going for OT3 hints. 

 This was my first OT3, which I took up as a writing challenge and ended up shipping with a vengeance.  I already outlined my reasons for shipping Karina with each of the guys; as for Kotetsu and Barnaby, what can I say?  If you're one of the rare fans who watched the whole show and didn't think it was pretty much canon at the end, I don't think any ship manifesto on my part would convince you. To me, Kotetsu just took a long time to figure out how he felt about Barnaby (and would presumably take a while to figure out how he feels about Karina, in an OT3) but it's there. 

See my comments the two Karina pairings for some of my preferences.  Maybe Kotetsu ends up being the mediator between Karina and Barnaby?  I'd prefer future-fic, all in all, or pre-relationship flirtation and tension, or maybe snapshots of all three relationships through the years as they work out the glitches and come together as a trio.  Smut is fine, poly domesticity is fine — I'd be so thrilled just to get anything with these three, you don't even know.

One characterization note I should mention:  I get annoyed when the drama-CD-based "Trollaby" characterization is overplayed.  Tension and bickering (is any pairing IC if Barnaby's not bickering with his partner to some extent?) and sarcasm are all great, but he's not outright cruel, just prone to teasing and sometimes tactless.

Dangan Ronpa:  Sakura/Aoi, Celes/Yamada, Kirigiri/Naegi/Togami

General Dangan Ronpa stuff: my knowledge of canon is restricted to the game itself, specifically the SA Let's Play.  I haven't read IF or Zero, and I'm trying to stick to the LP for Dangan Ronpa 2 as well.  I'm fine with AUs, futurefic, even crossovers -- I feel like this is one of those canons where the characters could be adapted to any number of other settings.  As for names and honorifics, I felt like orenronen had a pretty good system, but I won't especially miss honorifics or care about name order.

Spoilers below, if you're watching the anime and haven't read the LP.

Sakura/Aoi:  Don't ask me why I'm on a first-name (well, given-name) basis with these two while I default to family names for most others... I OTP Sakura and Aoi SO HARD. You could do almost anything with them - a no-despair/pre-despair fic, some happy or peaceful moments in the midst of the mutual killing, fleshing out the way they got to know each other either at the beginning of their normal school life or post-mindwipe (or both,) Aoi dealing with Sakura's loss, exploration of the fallout of the mole revelation, shameless and even PWP smut... anything.  I love how protective these two are of each other, their dedication to their fields, and the way they complement each other.  This is the exception I mentioned at the beginning of the letter; you could write me rip-my-heart-out angst about the ending of chapter 4 if you wanted, though I'd still adore fluff, banter, or an AU where they can escape together and have a happy ending.  (I would love that so much.)

Celes/Yamada:  Yeah, it's a little cracky, but from what we see of normal school life for these kids in general, most people ended up murdering people they liked and knew well pre-despair -- not just acquaintances but friends.  I don't even care if this is romantic (or if romantic, if it's requited,) I just want an exploration of these two together.  I'd be especially interested in something pre-despair -- what Celes was like before the amnesia reset button, given the suggestions that she connected with her classmates -- or a no-despair AU.  Maybe he hooked her up with some vampire anime or otome games (her shameful secret; there's no way she didn't read Kuroshitsuji) or drew her yaoi/bought her figures for her favorite fandom (her "I will kill you if you talk" secret) and they found some common ground.  I can imagine Celes having a hard time reconciling fondness for Yamada with her bishounen ideal, and Yamada either crushing unrequitedly on her or doubling down on his "3D girls need not apply" approach to life rather than admit it.

Kirigiri/Naegi/Togami: The detective OT3!  I... don't really know what to say about this ship in particular.  I loved the understated way Togami softened over the course of the game; I felt like Naegi's connections with both of them were well developed, but Togami and Kirigiri's relationship a bit less so, so I'd be especially interested in the way those two interact, with Naegi as their fulcrum and mediator.  I'm partial to amnesia themes, so some kind of exploration of how things might have been before, the characters trying to piece together their lost time, or something like that?  And to return to my theme, would they ever have connected if not for the mutual killing?  Maybe if there was some non-mastermind-related murder or other crime in the school...  Considering that it was detective work that drew them together in the first place, I'd prefer something either set during the mutual killing or in some kind of AU (Kirigiri as a detective investigating something for Togami, and Naegi either works for one of them or lands in the middle of it via sheer SHSL luck?) to peaceful-school-life fic, though if you have a way to make that work, go for it.

General likes and dislikes, squicks, etc.

I'm the kind of person who will turn a kissing prompt into 5000 words of worldbuilding, but not everyone is, nor should they be, so I'll try to keep these to things specific to relationships and/or sex.

I like:  Characters who enjoy each other's company and can make each other laugh.  Realistic sex scenes, complete with awkwardness and laughter and things not always being perfect.  (I get slightly grouchy when things like this are referred to as "bad sex."  Bursting out laughing because one of you got the hiccups mid-foreplay is the best sex.)  I wouldn't go quite so far as this Oglaf strip (nsfw, naturally) but close!  Domesticity, especially if it still reflects canonical differences-of-opinion, disparate backgrounds, tendencies to bicker, etc.  Exploration of canonical memory issues/amnesia.  Long-distance relationships that work out.  Tomboys who are allowed to remain tomboyish.  Fluffy stuff like cuddling.  Characters who fail utterly at actually making romantic speeches and pronouncements.  (Gestures, sure, especially wordless displays of thoughtfulness or internal monologue, but big "how do I love thee" speeches are not my thing.)  I have a strange but pronounced fondness for characters styling/playing with with each other's hair -- other forms of nonsexual intimacy are great too, but that's one that I really like in art and can't find enough of in fic.  Hands in general; characters holding hands, paying attention to each other's hands, etc.

Dislikes and squicks: Incest or incest-like kinks (daddykink, etc.)  Also, feet.  Feet are actively unsexy to me.  Infidelity, or related but more broad, romantic relationships in which one partner is lying to another about something important (a secret identity, for instance) and it's never addressed.  The usual extreme-kink suspects (mpreg, excessive or unusual bodily fluids and excretions used sexually, etc.)  Most A/B/O related tropes, but especially the emphasis on smelling things.  Situations where characters are publicly humiliated or put on the spot; this extends to elaborate public marriage proposals.  Jealousy can be touchy because sometimes I feel it's being used either to make a character into the butt of a joke or to punish him/her, which I don't like, but there are times it's appropriate and IC. 
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