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Hello, writer, and thank you in advance for wanting to write one of these pairings!  I just want to say, right off the bat, that number of prompts does not indicate favoritism.  I'm not sure what it does indicate, exactly.  The number of ideas I have for fics I might write myself someday?  The prompts, where I managed to produce any, are just meant to be a jumping-off point, anyway, not a demand for a certain type of fic. 

I shuffled the order of my requests from the signup order so as to stick the worst spoilers toward the end.  All the sections will contain some spoilers for that canon, but Dangan Ronpa's prompts make reference to the big final-chapter twist.  If you don't know who the Mastermind is, and think you may someday care, try not to read that part.

Any rating is fine, though I'd prefer all participants be above sixteen before any sex happens.  And honestly I'm not sure I'm comfortable with anything beyond fade-to-black for Precure characters even when they're fifty years old.  I don't have any strong feelings for or against second-person, first-person, present-tense vs. past-tense, or any other sometimes-controversial mechanics choices.

I like:  Characters who enjoy each other's company and can make each other laugh.  Realistic sex scenes, complete with awkwardness and laughter and things not always being perfect.  (I get slightly grouchy when things like this are referred to as "bad sex."  Bursting out laughing because one of you got the hiccups mid-foreplay is the best sex.)  I wouldn't go quite so far as this Oglaf strip (nsfw, naturally) but close!  Domesticity, especially if it still reflects canonical differences-of-opinion, disparate backgrounds, tendencies to bicker, etc.  Exploration of canonical memory issues/amnesia.  Long-distance relationships that work out.  Tomboys who are allowed to remain tomboyish.  Fluffy stuff like cuddling.  Characters who fail utterly at actually making romantic speeches and pronouncements.  (Gestures, sure, especially wordless displays of thoughtfulness or internal monologue, but big "how do I love thee" speeches are not my thing.)  I have a strange but pronounced fondness for characters styling/playing with with each other's hair -- other forms of nonsexual intimacy are great too, but that's one that I really like in art and can't find enough of in fic.  Hands in general; characters holding hands, paying attention to each other's hands, etc.

Dislikes and squicks: Incest or incest-like kinks (daddykink, etc.)  Also, feet.  Feet are actively unsexy to me.  Infidelity, or related but more broad, romantic relationships in which one partner is lying to another about something important (a secret identity, for instance) and it's never addressed.  The usual extreme-kink suspects (mpreg, excessive or unusual bodily fluids and excretions used sexually, etc.)  Most A/B/O related tropes, but especially the emphasis on smelling things.  Situations where characters are publicly humiliated or put on the spot; this extends to elaborate public marriage proposals.  Jealousy can be touchy because sometimes I feel it's being used either to make a character into the butt of a joke or to punish him/her, which I don't like, but there are times it's appropriate and IC.

Tiger & Bunny

Pao-lin/Karina: I was actually shipping this even before I finally got around to listening to the 5th drama CD, just on the basis of the way their personalities mesh and their canonical friendship, but you throw in the drama CD and it's practically canon.  At least on Pao-lin's side.  I see Pao-lin as the one making the first move, in part because of that, and partly because it took Karina quite some time to admit to her feelings for Kotetsu, so she'd presumably have at least as much trouble facing up to bisexuality.  But if you see it differently I'm willing to be convinced :)

I like Pao-lin's tomboyishness; as a woman who never figured out makeup and feels deeply uncomfortable dressed up, I sympathize whole-heartedly, and I'd rather not see that aspect of her personality written out, even if she sometimes humors Karina regarding things like fashion and makeup.  And I can totally buy Karina, who can be a bit clueless, thinking that if she just helps a bit, Pao-lin will totally see how much fun cute clothes and makeup and shoes can be.

I don't feel like I have too many prompts, but compared to some of the other ships I'm not doing so badly for these two, I guess. 
  • Something following up on the drama CD, maybe, and their short-term partnership mentioned there 
  • Something a few years in the future, when they may have forged a longer-term working partnership  I'd love some plottier superhero adventures for a scenario like this, if that works for you. 
  • Slice-of-life cuteness, with Pao-lin introducing Karina to really good Chinese food, or the two of them training together.
  • How exactly they deal with the public eye; Agnes is totally going to want the Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss, and Pao-lin probably isn't, and while they do have secret identities to give them some semblance of a private life, their secret identities aren't nearly as well-hidden as, say, Sky High's.
Pao-lin/Kaede: I might as well just link to the fic that made me ship these two.  (1508 words, rated G)  You don't have to replicate the setup there: while I very much enjoy futurefic where Kaede follows in her dad's footsteps (it's a time-honored comics tradition, after all, for superheroics to be a family business and for kids/wards/relatives/etc. to either take up the same superhero identity or a related one) I also like the fact that, in figure-skating, she has a pursuit of her own that doesn't involve her father.  And word of god has it that Kotetsu doesn't favor Kaede following him into the hero business; I don't think Kaede would let that stop her if she wanted to be a hero, but she doesn't have to want to, if you see what I mean.

Kaede and Pao-lin are pretty close in age (two or three years?) and they're both privy to the same secret; Kaede has friends at school, but they're all civilians, and Pao-lin appears to be pretty immersed in the hero business to the exclusion of all else, so Kaede can in some ways be her link to normal life.  Something set during their teen years might be interesting.  Maybe Kaede's weighing the merits of respecting Kotetsu's veto on going into heroics, and talking it over with Pao-lin.  Maybe she teaches Pao-lin how to skate.  I like fic where Kaede moves to Stern Bild to live with her dad, and I fully believe that Kaede and Kotetsu's relationship isn't going to be all smooth sailing during her teens.  Not that I want fic about Pao-lin and Kaede to be all about Kotetsu, but we do see Kaede in canon largely through Kotetsu's eyes, so reversing that to get a better feel for Kaede is only natural.  And Pao-lin does have a different perspective on him than Kaede does.

On the other hand, I ship them because of a futurefic, so feel free to jump over all the teen angst and write them as adults, whether just beginning a relationship or well-established in one, and whether Kaede's a skater or a college student or a hero.

Kaede/Karina:  Maybe Kaede develops a one-sided crush on Karina, like the one Karina has on Kaede's dad.  Or maybe when Kaede's older, Karina notices that Kaede's just as well-meaning and dorktastic and bumbling and goofy as a certain someone.  It's hard to imagine Kaede's similarities to Kotetsu and her differences from him not coming into play, though.  Considering that their age gap of five to six years is no big deal between two adults but huge when one party is eleven, futurefic seems like the way to go here (unless it's Kaede crushing unrequitedly, of course.)  I think it's suggested in one of the drama CDs that Kaede looks up to Karina, so even if they mostly get to know each other as adults, there'd still be that in the background.  This isn't a pairing I would have thought of if someone else hadn't nominated it first, but it has the potential to be really interesting.  Maybe Kaede defies her dad, becomes a hero, and gets partnered with Karina?

And, of course, you've got an ice skater and a girl with ice powers.  There has to be a way to have some fun with that, too. 

Pretty Cure Series

Itsuki/Tsubomi:  I don't know what to say about these two - they're just so CUTE.  I don't even really know what to say about them beyond that!  I feel like it's pretty apparent from the show that Tsubomi's crush on Itsuki didn't go away entirely on finding out Itsuki was a girl, and started coming back as they got to know each other better - the flying scene is the best example, but Tsubomi blushing when Itsuki compliments her, or falling asleep on Itsuki's shoulder in the preschool episode, are other examples.  And they're both readers, as if they weren't a charming enough pair already. 

It's hard to come up with prompts, though.  More cute scenes like in canon?  A first date of some kind?  Maybe Erika, who's a bit more astute about this kind of thing than either of them, nudges them together.  Or Erika might feel a bit jealous and left out.  I guess it could also be both. 

Mana/Regina: I'm not sure if we'll even see Regina again in the show before these fics are done, so things could always change, but as it stands now, I was really attached to the Mana/Regina relationship development we had before Cure Ace's arrival on the scene.  Regina openly being on the opposite side but openly hanging out with the Precure made for an interesting dynamic, and I loved that even after her thwarted heroic sacrifice, when she was borrowing pajamas from Mana and sleeping over at the Aida house, she still had her ego ("You were so cute!  But not as cute as me") and attitude. If you don't want to risk running afoul of canon, you could set a fic in that period or slightly before, when Regina still hadn't defied her father, and I'd be delighted.  Other than that, I'm really hoping for canon to redeem Regina, but I wouldn't say no to a fan version of that either.

Dangan Ronpa

Sakura/Aoi:  I OTP Sakura and Aoi SO HARD. The main reason I didn't ask for either of them with Chihiro is that I can't bring myself to break them up (though more about Chihiro in a bit.)  I love how protective these two are of each other, their dedication to their fields, and the way they complement each other.

Some ideas:
  • Aoi trying to teach Sakura to swim (my guess is Sakura's body fat is so low she sinks like a stone, but what do I know?)
  • Pool makeouts or sweaty workout sex
  • I'd also love something, whether it's Sakura/Aoi + Chihiro friendship or something more OT3-ish, where they're helping Chihiro with training after she found Mondo wasn't a very good trainer for whatever reason.  (Let's... let's put this in a normal-school life period or a no-murder AU or something.) 
  • The two of them finding happy or peaceful or just mundane moments in the middle of the mutual killing, or during their year locked in the school before the mindwipe
  • Something fleshing out the way they got to know each other when they started school for real and/or when they first encountered each other post-mindwipe
  • Some exploration of Sakura's feelings for Kenichirou and how that effects her and Aoi's relationship; Aoi comforting her if Kenichirou passes on, or Sakura (especially post-mindwipe, when all she knows is that he's sick and she just met Aoi) feeling guilty about her attraction to Aoi?
  • Aoi, post-game, recovering some of her memories or finding a diary, more photos, or something like that?  It could either be fully recovered memories or a situation where it feels somewhat distant -- she knows it happened to her but it feels like it happened to someone else -- however you care to approach it, I love memory fuckery like this.
  • Or if you'd rather just ditch all the pain of canon, an AU where they escape, where the murder game is thwarted somehow, or where the Despair incidents never happen, would also be fine by me.
Celes/Junko: Junko/Celes was actually the first pairing I considered in Dangan Ronpa, thanks to Junko's throwaway line in the first chapter about borrowing some mascara from Celes.  That didn't last long... except it did linger.  On a fluffy, surface level, with a Junko who acts roughly the way Mukuro-as-Junko did in the first chapter, it could be a cute opposites (but not) attract pairing; both girls are very image-oriented, in very different directions.  And when you consider Junko's real agenda, there's all kinds of mindfuck potential.  Celes might feel like she's manipulating Junko when it's really Junko pulling the strings, or maybe Celes realizes something's off with Junko but doesn't get the scope of the plan until just before the mindwipe.  Maybe, in her twisted way, Junko really loves Celes, given that she wanted to share despair with her beloved friends, or maybe she's just toying with Celes because despair after someone realizes they've been betrayed is especially tasty. 

Fucked-up or fluffy or both at once is fine by me. In my letter for Rarepair Fest, I said that I usually shipped pairings because I think they'd make each other happy, not because they're so fascinatingly fucked-up or dysfunctional, which is blatantly inaccurate for this particular duo, though it worked well enough for the ships I was requesting then.  This is one of those things I'm asking for because I have no confidence I could write it myself, and therefore I don't have as many specific prompts as I do for some of the other pairings, but you can take it as twisted as you'd like on an emotional level, or explore the ordinary life we see so painfully little of in canon.

Celes/Kyouko: I see it as involving a lot of push-and-pull and attempting to outmaneuver each other at everything.  Including sex, no doubt.  Both of these two have highly developed poker faces, both of them have areas of expertise that rely on reading other people while being unreadable themselves, and I see them being drawn to each other while trying not to give too much away about themselves.  While all the ideas I've been trying to shape into prompts involve normal school life (or at least locked-up-but-not-amnesiac school life) something tense and secretive during the murder game is also a fascinating possibility.  The thing is that I'm really fascinated with the parts of canon that we know happened but only see in glimpses, and I'd love to see that explored no matter what pairing you're writing.  Or an exploration of the way their relationship pre-amnesia was different and/or the same from what it was post-amnesia?

Again, I'm falling down on the creation of specific prompts; it doesn't help that I just want to watch these two spar verbally and emotionally (or let down their guards a little, grudgingly, with no intention of making a habit of it) no matter what they're nominally doing.  Drinking tea?  Playing chess or poker or something?  Making out? 
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