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Behind the cut, significant endgame spoilers for Super Dangan Ronpa 2.

Character: Nanami Chiaki

So here’s the spoiler-filled Super Dangan Ronpa 2 appendix to my letter. 

If you signed up only knowing the Orenronen LP and ended up here by mistake, head back to the rest of my letter; I wasn't kidding about the fact I'd enjoy the gaming fic I mentioned in my signup.  If you actually want to read LPs of the rest of the game, Kuzuhiko's LP includes full Freetime events for Akane and Mikan, and has summaries up to the trial phase of Chapter 4, while Birdmanronpa has the rest of the game (starting with Chapter 4) and partial FT events for Nanami, among others.


And while I would be truly pleased with happy fluff that lets some of my beloved characters just have fun, I also very much want fic that takes into account that Nanami’s an AI.  An AI who, by all indications, is capable of emotion, self-aware, plays video games for fun, and acts independently… but is also limited by her programming and who has some blind spots in her understanding of the world.   

It could be anything.  It could be something about how she’s growing to care about her “classmates” even though that’s not part of her programming; her friendship with Sonia makes me really happy, and she and Mikan had the beginnings of a really cute bond, too, before the Despair Sickness.  It could be shippy Hinata/Nanami fic about how she’s growing to care for one of her classmates in particular.  It could be gen from her POV about how, now that she’s in the simulation, she has a body that needs to eat and sleep and talk (the real reason she’s so bad at conversation and forgets to sleep when she’s gaming) but that also experiences sensory input and can appreciate petting an animal or maybe holding hands with a boy named Hinata Hajime. 

Yes, I OTP Hinata and Nanami really hard, and I'd prefer not to see either of them paired off with other characters during the fic, though I certainly don't mind gen in the slightest.  It's not like they have much time to pursue a relationship, what with all the murdering going on. 

OR it could be heart-ripping endgame angst from Hinata’s point of view, or hers.  Chapter 5 destroyed me, or rather, danced a merry jig on what was left of my heart after chapter 4 ripped it out.  It could be post-game fix-it fic where they discover that Nanami still exists as an independent entity, uncorrupted by Junko, and she and Hinata are able to communicate again.  And maybe his memories of what happened in the simulation are patchy and he’s got Kamakura Izuru in the back of his mind like a really blatant metaphor for mental illness and self-loathing, and her memory backups are incomplete and she misses having a body and existing in the same reality he does, but this is better than nothing.

(I mean, my ideal would be that Souda figures out how to make a perfect, I-can’t-believe-she’s-not-human robot body for her and she and Hinata finally freaking hug, at least, but I also kind of want their happy ending to still be flawed and hard-earned, and that’s a tall order for 1000 words.)

If the Nanami prompts aren’t working out for you, I also really, really love Gundam on his own and Sonia/Gundam as a ship.  Something about the two of them growing closer prior to Chapter 4 would be wonderful (how does she convince him that he can touch her without poisoning her?  Because there is no way those two didn’t sleep together hit a powerful and unmistakable relationship upgrade at some point during or just before that chapter) or post-game fic with her watching over him, or helping him readjust after he wakes up… or pregame fic, maybe their school life pre-Despair, or something about their time in SHSL Despair… are you getting the idea that narrowing my SDR2 request down was a painful, painful process?  Because it really was.

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