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Greetings, mystery writer and any random browsers – I hope you like massive rambling walls of text! But if not, don't worry. My prompts are meant to be jumping-off points, not a list of demands. If you saw the requested character(s) and started getting ideas before even clicking on my letter, go for that. Some of the best gifts I've received were for ideas I'd never have thought of on my own.

Another thing I should add: I talk about ships a lot in some of these sections.  Please don't feel you need to cram in a pairing when you just want to write about a friendship or a family relationship!  Or write characters pursuing evildoers or uncovering conspiracies or what-have-you.  You really don't need to shoehorn in romance to make me happy.  If my prompts and discussions sound very centered on characters and relationships, that's just the way I tend to think about fandom, not completely reflective of what I'd be happy to read.

General Preferences

Things I love: 
  • Worldbuilding. 
  • Ensemble fic. 
  • Complex family relationships. 
  • Memory issues, whether full retrograde amnesia, false memories, missing memories, or other weird things that can happen thanks to magic or superpowers.  (Anteretrograde amnesia not included. In reality it's basically the saddest thing ever, and I can't put that out of my mind.) 
  • Nonsexual intimacy, particularly touching/holding/playing with hair or hands. 
  • Character studies. 
  • Flawed but happy endings. 
  • Established-relationship fic and domesticity.
  • Domesticity involving unrelated people, too (teams, adventuring parties, a bunch of students living together at school.) 
  • Team dynamics in general. 
  • People in love who make each other laugh. 
  • Characters who love each other but can't make big romantic speeches and pronouncements about it. 
  • Realistic sex scenes, complete with awkwardness and laughter and things not always being perfect, and people talking in bed (conversation, not dirty talk.)  I don't like stuff like this being referred to as bad sex - sex where you can laugh together is the best sex, IMO.
Things I don't like:
  • Too much emphasis on OCs - I like my worldbuilding done through the eyes of canon characters as much as possible. 
  • Character bashing, ship bashing, and the milder version where a fic about one pairing goes out of its way to rule out a "rival" pairing.
  • Mundane AUs. 
  • Excessive emphasis on bodily fluids of any kind. 
  • People putting their mouths or faces on or near other people's feet. 
  • And a very specific subset of super-senses in which, for instance, Wolverine can take one whiff of you and immediately know what you ate for your last three meals, how often you floss, when you last had sex, who you had it with, and how much you liked it; this turns up a lot in A/B/O AUs, but also around superheroes in general.  And while I'm not asking for A/B/O (I'm the complete opposite of asking for A/B/O) I am asking for superheroes. No super-sniffing, I beg you.  I get a little squicked in porn just by references to "the smell of sex" when there are no superpowers involved.
  • Tense and POV.  First-person, second-person, whatever tense feels right to you - they're all fine by me. 
  • Holiday fic: I've written it (well, Xmas fic) myself, and I enjoy it -- all my fandoms this year occur in settings where at least a secular Christmas is celebrated -- but it has a lot of potential pitfalls, and I certainly get people not wanting to write it. If you feel so inclined, I'd rather not have anything at all religious. 

Tiger & Bunny:
I love this show for its superhero worldbuilding (who pays for the property damage?  Corporate sponsors!) its tremendously likable cast, its idealistic take on heroics despite all the advertising, and its gorgeous, fascinating setting. If you're in the US, the entire show can be watched subbed on Hulu, and selected dubbed episodes are also available.

Tiger & Bunny cast

Character: Karina Lyle

I love every single character in this show. Karina's the one I'm most starved for fic about, but Nathan and Pao-lin were close runners-up, and I will love you forever if you write me fic about the three of them as a trio. I'd love to see some gen from one of the two timeskips, whether about the Girl Power Trio or just something from inside Karina’s head. Something involving the trio's perspective in the wake of the Ouroboros attack on the city, in the ten-month timeskip between episodes 13 and 14? Or something set during the episode 25 one-year timeskip, when the disturbing revelations about Hero TV, and Kotetsu and Barnaby's absence, undoubtedly changed the general dynamic for the heroes. Obviously Karina would miss Kotetsu, but beyond that... a lot of the series is about the heroes changing from rivals to a team, and Kotetsu and Barnaby's partnership was the catalyst for that. We see at the end of episode 25 that that's still the case to some extent (in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot, Nathan's giving both Antonio and Ivan a lift in his heromobile) but was that a struggle, or just what came naturally post-series?

And while I talked about the Girl Power Trio, I'd also be curious to see the three young'uns, Pao-lin, Karina and Ivan, interacting; Pao-lin's kind of the hinge there, which could be an interesting dynamic.

I ship Karina and Pao-lin, though not exclusively (I'm a huge multishipper for this fandom.) I shipped them even before I listened to Drama CD 5, just on the basis of their canon friendship and the way their personalities meshed, but the drama CD makes half of it canon.  So if you’ll pardon some copy-and-pasting from my Femslashex request: I'd love something about how the two of them deal with beginning a relationship in the public eye. Agnes is totally going to want the Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss, and either Karina or Pao-lin or both probably won't, and while they do have secret identities to give them some semblance of a private life, their secret identities aren't nearly as secret as, say, Sky High's. Something following up on the short-term partnership mentioned in the drama CD (you can get a transcript here, or download it - the fifth one - here) would be great, too, or maybe in a few years they form a longer-term partnership that’s more about fighting crime together than modeling swimsuits?

Focusing just on Karina again, I'd really love something about her first year as a hero, assuming the season that ended in the first episode was her first season. What were her first impressions of the other heroes, and how does she feel about her hero persona and costume, beyond the catchphrase? Did she get any say in the design, or did she agree to everything so she could get her start as a singer? I always appreciate acknowledgment of how well she really does as a hero – she's consistently in second or third place whenever hero rankings are shown, in close competition with Barnaby and Keith. And while the show plays up her Cutie Escapes, let's face it, she doesn't have many other options; she’s the least-armored hero in the cast.  If she had armor like most of the men, or even just a sensible pair of shoes...

Going in the other direction, futurefic focusing on her career would be interesting. Would her sponsors ditch her for the latest hot young thing as she gets older, or would she find a way to take control of her image and keep going as an idol and/or as a hero? Or would she start over and rebuild her career from the ground up? If you went that route, I'd be happy to have Karina/Kotetsu included. The age difference at her canon age bothers me, but I love all the little moments between them, like Kotetsu trying to make her smile, or the fact Karina trusted him even with her memory altered. When she's in her mid-twenties, and the age and experience gap is less pronounced, I could see them working out as a couple.  My OT3 is Kotetsu/Barnaby/Karina, and I ship all the component ships there; obviously Barnaby's not nominated, but I'm mentioning it to make it clear I'd rather not have some big fuss about how Kotetsu totally isn't into Barnaby that way, or Karina hates Barnaby's guts. Let them coexist peaceably if you have Barnaby around at all, okay? Or I'd be happy to have Karina's crush just quietly grown out of, too. 

Basically, any ships (or none) any part of canon or time before or after it: I just really love Karina and want something with her at the center for once.

One fandom-specific request here: It's an English-speaking setting, so I'd prefer no Japanese honorifics (unless they're coming from Ivan, of course) or other untranslated Japanese terms.

Astro City
: Another series I love for its superhero worldbuilding, fascinating setting, idealistic take on superheroics, and huge and intriguing cast of characters. 


Characters: Beautie, Quarrel, Samaritan, Winged Victory

Astro City, oh my god.  I'm writing this just after reading all five of the Vertigo issues in one sitting and I'm madly in love with this series right now.  Not that I wasn't before, but it's a second honeymoon kind of thing? 

Anyway, prompts!  This is an "any" request, not "all," as far as I'm concerned.   I mean, they could all meet up, but that's not what I had in mind. 

For Beautie: Maybe a followup of some kind to "Her Dark Plastic Roots," with her mother (is it Elaine Girbachs?  I doubt she goes by Lanie as an adult) softening a bit, an actual conversation between them, if not an easy or totally satisfactory one? Or anything else you want to write!  I'm sorry this is the shortest of my prompts.

I nominated Samaritan and Winged Victory because I'd been enjoying the tiny glimpses suggesting a relationship.  That was before I saw the cover I included just above, with the two of them holding hands on the camera's screen.  All I really want is a slightly less tiny glimpse of how they work things out, whether it's the two of them rushing around the kitchen in the morning, or the view of their relationship from Astro City's magazines and blogs and comics, or someone who works with Asa or Kristen noticing a photo on a desk or a spring in their step.  I love the way we only see one near-disastrous date, and yet you can see from that how they could be (and apparently, going by that cover, really are) a successful couple.

And Quarrel!  I haven't reread the whole series just yet, and the bits and pieces we pick up about her are scattered all through it, but I remember getting the impression she grew up outside Astro City, even though her dad was a supervillain in it when she was born.  Of course she took up her father's identity when she took up superheroics, and she gets defensive when Steeljack tries to talk to her about her father.  What was her childhood like?  How much trouble did she have proving herself when she showed up in Astro City as the successor to one of the black masks?  Why's she stay with Crackerjack?  No one's THAT good in bed, surely.  She really interests me, and it's possible there's an issue coming up that will get in-depth with her, but in the meantime, I want to see what you think.

Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay: Going in the opposite direction from superhero worldbuilding, to the people who create the superheroes... Except all the characters live out some of the same issues of identity and self-invention, even if Joe's the one with the full, deglamorized superhero experience. 

God, I love this book so much it's hard to come up with prompts for it.  One thing that struck me the last time I reread is that we never really get into Tracy's head; maybe something along those lines?  He's obviously drawn to Sam instantly, but their relationship is told from Sam's point of view.  Tracy's take on things would be welcome, or a missing scene from any point in their relationship.  Or something from early in Sam and Joe's partnership, as they help invent superheroes, or Sam and Rosa dealing with new parenthood and their marriage, or a post-book scene with Joe, Rosa and Tommy learning how to be a family... I just kind of want more.  If there are any points in canon where you've always wanted to write a missing scene, go with that!

Alternately, I was really intrigued by the nomination of characters from The Escapist.  I have no idea what the nominator had in mind, but the possibilities that occurred to me all involved at least a touch of deviation from the Escapist's canonical history; what if the Radio Comics heroes had a fate more like those from Charlton or Fawcett, getting purchased by one of the Big Two (I think that's more DC's style, but whatever works best for you) and retooled, or even like the Miracleman/Marvelman tangle?  Maybe bits of stories from different eras of Escapist history, or different incarnations?  Did the Escapist turn up in Justice League Unlimited?  Is there a bondage-obsessed mini-fandom?  Did Miss Plum Blossom get a wildly implausible 90s makeover with XTREME CLEAVAGE and dual-wielding pistols, or a realism-focused writer who tried to refer to her as Umeko and got a ton of pushback from the fans?  I guess I'm venturing into comics-history/Astro City territory here, but like I said above (or at least strongly implied) I really love superheroes.

And a late-breaking addendum here: I was all set to write a note up above about how I could take or leave holiday fic, but honestly in this fandom it could be awesome, if you were comfortable writing it.  Would Sam and Rosa have made a big deal out of Hanukkah for Tommy's sake, or was that really something that happened in that era at all?  Would Joe be fascinated or appalled by the holiday season in NYC?  Would Rosa take him out for Chinese food on Christmas Day, or had that not really caught on yet?  (I don't honestly know the answers to these questions myself; my husband's family is Jewish and my father-in-law grew up in New York, but he's never been very talkative about his childhood, and he's somewhat younger than the characters anyway.)  I totally understand not wanting to go there, but I thought I'd throw the idea out to pad my lacking prompts here.

Dangan Ronpa
: I would never have anticipated I'd get so emotional about murderous high-school students in a game I still have not actually played firsthand.  The Let's Play is available here; I haven't read the manga version or Dangan Ronpa IF yet.

Characters: Kirigiri Kyouko, Celestia Ludenberg, Asahina Aoi, Oogami Sakura

In this case, you don’t need to include every character, and if you want you can include others I didn’t ask for.  (I do want some focus on at least one of the requested characters, though.)  What I want here is fic about the students’ two lost years, the first year of normal school life and the year spent locked in the school.  Most of these kids seem to have been socially isolated in some way, whether because of bullying, or a difficult or dysfunctional family life, or just because they were so focused on being the best they never had time for friends, and then when they start at Hope’s Peak they manage to connect; I love that kind of narrative in the first place, and when it's there but obscured by memory loss (another favorite trope for me) and has to be pieced together from evidence, I'm completely hooked.

I should probably add here that I also requested Dangan Ronpa for Femslashex, and have a lot of detailed, pairing-centric prompts there as well.  I don't want to direct two different authors to write the same fic, but those are all ideas I really like and would love to see, either in pairing-centric fic or as background to ensemble gen. 

Some character-specific ideas:

Sakura/Aoi, as I made pretty clear in the linked letter, is my OTP for this fandom.  You don't have to write them as a couple if you don't want -- their canon level of closeness and loyalty is all I need -- but that means it's hard for me not to think of them as a unit.  Some individual ideas, though: Sakura dealing with Kenichirou's illness, maybe his death, or maybe with the fact the lockdown means she'll never see him again, and may never even know what happened to him.  Feeling helpless because her strength doesn't let her help him or prevent the collapse of society, or maybe focusing on the fact she can at least protect her classmates from external threats?  Aoi trying to support Sakura through all this, feeling the strain somewhat?  We've seen that she's not always the most level-headed of the students, at points during the murder game, but she also seems conscious of her role as the Genki Girl, and as one of the more "normal" students, she's kind of an everyman POV on any events you care to narrate. 

Though, I have to admit, the real reason I included them in my request for fic about the two years they lost is because that's the best way to make happy (well, bittersweet) romance happen for the two of them, or let them befriend Chihiro, or otherwise commit fluff or smut with my OTP together.

Kyouko: The first thing that comes to mind, and the reason I included her in my signup, is that I'd love to see some exploration of her relationship with her father during her time at the school. That doesn't have to be the whole fic, if you don't want. I ship her with lots of different characters; one of them is Naegi, but I suspect she wouldn't have been drawn to him without their investigative partnership as a catalyst, so it'd be interesting to see her growing close with someone else during the lost years instead.  Maybe Celes?  They're both in the business of reading others while staying unreadable themselves, but at the same time, this is the era when they were most likely to let someone else in, at least a bit. (And, I admit, part of me really wants to see a fic where, pre-Despair, they actually open up to and trust each other, contrasted with some kind of tense and secretive fling during the murder game... but that's awfully specific.)

Celes: I was originally drawn to Celes just because she consistently had the best lines and because I enjoyed her professed approach to living in the school, but knowing more about her past makes her fascinating.  She was ready to kill two classmates to get out of captivity after less than two weeks, during the murder game, but she agreed to the lockdown and lived with it for a year prior to the mindwipe. What was Celes like after two years of having friends and personal growth?  I talked about Celes/Kirigiri above, but I also think Celes's relationship with Yamada is interesting, whether they had the same queen-and-pigboy dynamic that we see in the game, or a closer friendship or even relationship.  I lean towards the latter, with a real friendship (or a romantic relationship built on one) where Celes treats him with respect even though Yamada kind of likes it when she doesn't, and I like the theory that his memory of her real name was bleedthrough from before the mind-wipe. 

And then there are all the other characters I didn't request but who may interest you - what were Junko and Mukuro doing (outside the scope of DR0) and were either of them close with anybody?  What unexpected friendships did any of them form?  I don't have strong preferences about ships beyond Sakura and Aoi, nor do I feel strongly about Chihiro's gender identity.  You can do what you want with all of this -- whether you feel like writing peaceful friendship fic from the year of normal school life, or look at the atmosphere as the kids watch society collapse and agree to the lockdown, or contrast the happier times with the murder game period.  The range of tone that could make me happy here is really wide, and the same goes for characters, whether you want to focus on all four of these girls, or just one of them, or you want to touch on the entire class to some extent.

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: And speaking of murderous high school students who make me very emotional...

Some of my requests for this fandom are spoilery as fuck. So spoilery that, in consideration of the fact that many people are sticking to Orenronen's translation and some of them may be reading this letter, I'm putting the bulk of the requests for this game in an entirely separate entry. Don't click on the link to it unless you’ve read or played the entirety of Super Dangan Ronpa 2.   The Orenronen translation is mirrored on Tumblr, and in the full-spoilers section I have links to the further-along LPs I used for reference.

Character: Nanami Chiaki

I do have a couple of spoiler-light possibilities, whether because you want to stick with the SA translation or just because you don't want to deal with all the endgame sadness in your fic.  (I don't think that's a spoiler.  "Characters you love will die" is kind of the premise of the game.)  I’d welcome some fluff about Nanami gaming with anybody and everybody, especially Hinata, Mikan, or maybe Gundam, though admittedly that last one is just because I love Gundam.  Or Souda - I love the bit where they attempt to game together and then bicker like little children, and there's a lot of potential with him attempting to disassemble, fix, or "improve" her consoles.  You can bend the possibilities of what’s available on the island if it makes for a better story, or bring in any of the other characters you want. 

And if the Nanami options aren't appealing to you, I agonized for quite a while over whether I wanted to center my request on Nanami or my darling Tanaka Gundam.  I enjoy him (and his great and terrible hamsters) tremendously and OTP him with Sonia like it's going out of style, so if you signed up hoping to write early-game fic, those are some other possibilities. I don't have a real preference as to whether he really believes his dark-wizard act, and/or has real powers, or not, so that's your choice.

And now that this letter is more than long enough to be a Yuletide fic in its own right, or maybe three Yuletide fics, I'm shutting up.  I hope this overabundance of chatter is helpful rather than paralyzing, and I hope you enjoy writing -- it's always a little scary but it shouldn't be stressful!  There are lots of things I like, in that giant wad of verbiage up there.  You could probably ignore all of them and find a completely new one by accident.

While at one point it wasn't, anon commenting is now turned on if you have questions.
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