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Title: Thick-Skinned
Fandom: Slayers
Characters: Zelgadis
Word count: 100 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Kind of body-horror-ish
Zelgadis is learning to live with his body.
Yuletide drabble

There was a time when Zelgadis couldn't stay away from his reflection. In horrified fascination, he'd peer at the inflamed, bruised skin around the stone outcroppings on his face; it was like teeth were erupting from every inch of his body.

But now he's accustomed to it all. He's no longer preoccupied with the feeling of heavy, dead patches on his flesh. The rocks are as much a part of his face's appearance now as his eyebrows used to be. And he's found that skin as hard as stone is a valuable asset for someone who travels with Lina Inverse.

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