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Title: The Holly and the Ivy
Fandom: Heartcatch Precure
Characters: Tsubomi, her family
Word count: 100 words
Rating: G
Warnings: Ending spoilers, if you consider it a spoiler that the Precure win.
They saved the world on Christmas.
Yuletide drabble.

It felt like months had passed as the Precure battled Dune, but when they came back to the world they'd saved, it was still Christmas Eve.

It was hard to believe, impossible to explain; Tsubomi felt so full of love and joy she thought she'd burst. Her mother put Tsubomi's hand on her belly when the baby moved, and Tsubomi had to fight off tears. Her parents laughed, kindly.

"It's normal to be emotional," her mother said. "You'll be a great big sister." Her father ruffled her bangs.

She nodded, teary-eyed and beaming. Her grandmother caught her eye, and smiled.

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