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Okay, I think this letter may finally be finished -- so if you looked in on it before March 2, there have been changes!

The preferences boilerplate

Things I love: 
  • Worldbuilding. 
  • Ensemble fic. 
  • Complex family relationships. 
  • Exploration of canonical memory issues, whether full retrograde amnesia, false memories, missing memories, or other weird things that can happen thanks to magic or superpowers.
  • Nonsexual intimacy, particularly touching/holding/playing with hair or hands. 
  • Character studies. 
  • Flawed but happy endings. 
  • Established-relationship fic and domesticity.
  • Domesticity involving unrelated people, too (teams, adventuring parties, a bunch of students living together at school.) 
  • Team dynamics in general. 
  • People in love who make each other laugh. 
  • Characters who love each other but can't make big romantic speeches and pronouncements about it. 
  • Realistic sex scenes, complete with awkwardness and laughter and things not always being perfect, and people talking in bed (conversation, not dirty talk.)  I don't like stuff like this being referred to as bad sex - sex where you can laugh together is the best sex, IMO.
Things I don't like:
  • Too much emphasis on OCs - I like my worldbuilding done through the eyes of canon characters as much as possible. 
  • Character bashing, ship bashing, and the milder version where a fic about one pairing goes out of its way to rule out a "rival" pairing.
  • Mundane AUs for non-mundane settings.
  • Incest and pseudo-incest, like adopted siblings or daddykink.  (This doesn't mean that I don't ship some pairs that other people read as sibling-y — but if it's in the sibling column for *me,* nothing doing.)
  • Excessive emphasis on bodily fluids of any kind. This includes gore as well as extremely damp sex scenes.
  • Sexualization of feet.  Like, an affectionate foot rub is one thing, but anything foot-fetishy is not for me. 
  • And a very specific subset of super-senses in which, for instance, Wolverine can take one whiff of you and immediately know what you ate for your last three meals, how often you floss, when you last had sex, who you had it with, and how much you liked it; this turns up a lot in A/B/O AUs, but also around superheroes in general.  And while I'm not asking for A/B/O (I'm the complete opposite of asking for A/B/O) I am asking for some superheroes. No super-sniffing, I beg you.  I get a little squicked in porn just by references to "the smell of sex" when there are no superpowers involved.
  • Although I don't have a blanket "no" on underage sex, I will get creeped out both by significant age differences when one partner is underage, or by fetishization of the youth of the underage participant(s.) 
  • Tense and POV.  First-person, second-person, whatever tense feels right to you - they're all fine by me. 
  • For Japanese-speaking settings (i.e SDR2, in this case) honorifics and name order. 

Ace Attorney

    Franziska von Karma
    Athena Cykes
    Trucy Wright

Ace Attorney is the newest-to-me of these fandoms.  I've been chain-playing the series since sometime this past fall, and I've mostly steered clear of fanfic — including the kinkmeme — so if I apologize in advance if I'm asking you to revisit well-worn ideas with any of my prompts.  It's all new to me!  And while I'm giving the kind of character-interaction-driven prompts that I, personally, find easiest to work with, I'd love casefic (trialfic?) too. 

Franziska: Oh my god I love her.  I'd be happy with just about anything involving her, but one of the things I most want is Franziska and Edgeworth sibling bonding/sibling rivalry.  Childhood interaction after Manfred takes him in?  Missing scenes or something set between games, or during the seven-year hiatus?  I'm into the fifth case of the Ace Attorney Investigations game and will definitely be done by the time fics are revealed, so if you want to use info (or characters) from that, go for it.  I'm not quite sold yet on Franziska/Shi Long Lang, but I'm certainly willing to be convinced, whether by the game or by fic. 

I ship Franziska with a wide variety of characters (NOT including Edgeworth -- see above about pseudo-incest)... but I should admit that while I don't object to BDSM, whips are not precisely my kink, either, so while I totally get incorporating it into Franziska's relationships, you don't have to do so on my account. 

Franziska/Maya —  The game doesn't really have them interacting much, but they're the same age, and Maya's sense of fun seems like it could do Franziska a world of good.

Franziska/Gumshoe — somehow the idea of her using Azula-style compliments/pickup lines on him struck me and wouldn't let go.  Probably because she's his superior, and so just ordering or threatening him into a relationship, although it's definitely her style, is pretty sketchy, and surely even in their bizarre legal system that would still be inappropriate.  And she'd know that.  But if she signals her interest and lets *him* make the first move...

Franziska/Phoenix  — I don't know, maybe she angrily dumps him after he opts not to fight tooth and nail against being disbarred?  I'm sure I could think of something happier (or smuttier) if I tried... I bet Phoenix would catch on to the purpose of Azula-caliber pickup lines a bit sooner than Gumshoe would.

Trucy: I don't want to be all "tell me about their relationships with their main-character brothers!" here, but I really like sibling fic, you know?  I love the way Trucy messes with Apollo, and hell, Apollo and Trucy finally learning they're related would be good to see, too.  I feel like Trucy has a pretty interesting life we don't get to see so much of — her friendship with Jinxie, her relationships with Maya and Pearl, her stage career — and anything fleshing out any part of that would be great.  Her friendship with Vera, one of my favorite previous-case characters?  Like I said, I've mostly kept clear of fanfic up till now, so I have no idea what's been done a million times.  I'm sorry I'm such an unhelpful prompter here. 

I don't really ship Trucy with anybody — not enough age-appropriate candidates — though I feel like she has a bit of a crush on Klavier, because she's fifteen and she doesn't see how incredibly cheesy he is.  But if you do (if you ship her with somebody, I mean!  not 'if you can see Klavier is cheesy') I can be convinced of almost anything in this series.

Athena: I'm writing this the day after finishing Dual Destinies, so I'm bursting with shiny-new-OTP feelings about Athena/Simon.  Oh my god they mean so much to each other and they work together so well and they understand each other effortlessly and they make SUCH A GREAT COURTOOM TEAM.  The two of them working together in the fifth case to bring down [SPOILER] sealed the deal for me — just like it did for Phoenix and Edgeworth back in the first game (I do ship them, so if you want them as a background pair, that's fine by me.) 

Obviously you don't have to write Athena/Simon if that makes you uncomfortable, though I'd be down with something non-shippy just exploring their undeniable importance to each other, too.  Or the Wright Anything Agency's defense of Aura -- it'd be kind of nice to see them navigating a court case where they're not proving someone's innocence against all odds, for a change.  And Athena handling her anxiety — I can relate only two well to the way she describes her feelings about appearing in court...

And I'd love to see something with Athena's relationships with Trucy and/or Pearl -- we don't see much of either friendship, but I think they'd be a lot of fun if we did.  That's not a consolation-prize prompt!  I'm just... really really excited about a new OTP, but part of the reason for that is that I adore the hell out of Athena and want ALL THE FIC about her. 

Tiger & Bunny

    Agnes Joubert
    Huang Pao-Lin | Dragon Kid
    Kaburagi Kaede
    Kaburagi Tomoe
    Karina Lyle | Blue Rose

I love T&B so much — the clever take on superheroics, the beautifully developed cast of characters, the gorgeous setting — but my biggest complaint about the fandom is the lack of focus on anyone other than Kotetsu and Barnaby.  That's why I asked for absolutely everybody.  There is literally no one on the list I don't want more fic about. 

For this show, I prefer fics that keep the pseudo-US setting in mind — i.e. given names first (the Kaburagis are Japanese-"American," not living in Japan) and no honorifics (Kotetsu calling Barnaby "Bun-bun" or "Li'l Bunny" rather than "Bunny-chan.")  And while appearances by Nathan are hugely welcome, I prefer male pronouns, even when he's wearing a slinky evening gown and calling himself a diva. By the same token, female pronouns for Pao-Lin, please?  To me she's an incredibly welcome and rare example of a cis woman who's uncomfortable with overt girliness.

Next, the movie: I'm lucky enough to live in one of the cities where T&B: The Rising will be showing (IN TWO WEEKS OMG) so if you're the same, you can feel free to incorporate movie info or set something during or after the movie... and if not, no worries, because right now I'm doing my utmost to avoid spoilers and so all my prompts are based entirely on the show and existing info like the drama CDs. 

Speaking of the drama CDs, let's start with Tomoe.

The first drama CD is the thing that really transforms Tomoe from standard-edition Tragic Dead Wife to the character we all love — and despite the juggernaut status of Kotetsu/Barnaby I don't think I've ever met a fan who doesn't weep over Tomoe.  I love her hero-fangirling and her bluntness with Kotetsu, and there's so much room to write about her: their relationship in high school, their early days in Stern Bild given that they didn't have Kaede until around the time of Kotetsu's debut in their mid-20s, Kotetsu's glory days as a hero, and eventually her fatal illness.  There's the friendship with Antonio, marriage-and-family fluff, Hero-business and fandom worldbuilding, or hardcore angst, whatever you feel like writing. 

Kaede:  The fandom's basically concluded there are two possibilities for Kaede: doing her own thing, sticking with skating, rather than following her dad into the hero business... or defying Kotetsu's wishes and being a second-generation hero.  I genuinely can't decide which I like better.  It's nice that she has a pursuit of her own that doesn't involve being a carbon copy of her father, but on the other hand, her set of powers may be hard to control (supposedly Kotetsu's objection -- this is all word-of-god stuff) but it works well enough for Rogue in the X-Men, and working as a hero, say with Dragon Kid or Blue Rose, opens up a world of possibilities for future-fic with Kaede.  Hell, just dealing with the fact Kotetsu has an opinion on it could be a story in itself.  Maybe she never really thought about being a hero until he vetoed it out of the blue. 

I don't feel like we get to know Kaede very well in the series except as her father's daughter, but her issues with her dad -- and I don't think knowing the reason he wasn't there for her will entirely do away with those issues -- are definitely a starting point for fic.  Or you could work with her relationship with the other heroes.  There's Antonio, her dad's best friend who might have known her when she was a toddler.  There's her crush on Barnaby and how it might fare after running into reality, whether he and Kotetsu are just partners or if they're romantically involved.  Or there's Karina, who's probably about six years older than she is, and also interested in Kaede's dad.  And I kind of ship Kaede with Pao-Lin, but their friendship has a lot of potential, too. 

Pao-lin: I cannot possibly tell you how happy Pao-Lin's short-haired, androgynous redesign for The Rising made me, or how annoyed I always got at fanart sticking her in dresses.  I really love this girl, and there's plenty of room to expand on her future or her family relationships; does she ever just put her foot down and refuse to wear dresses when her parents visit?  How does she handle growing up as a hero and the likely increasing sponsor demands to sex up her image?  I really enjoy the idea of Pao-Lin and Barnaby as sort of surrogate siblings, and I can ship her with Kaede, Karina, or Ivan.

Karina: I asked for Karina at Yuletide, and got an amazing fic, so I feel a little greedy asking for her again... but there will NEVER be enough Karina fic.  My letter goes into excruciating detail, with enough prompts to choke an elephant.  Tl;dr-ing it again: Karina gen is fantastic, Girl Power Trio gen is fantastic, and I ship Karina with a wide range of characters, especially Pao-Lin, Barnaby, and Kotetsu (the age difference bothers me, but in futurefic...) 

And while I've yet to see the movie, I was weirdly charmed by the idea of Karina/Ryan in pre-release fanart, or by Karina and Ryan getting into a kind of egotistical competitive face-off that could turn into something more.  It still remains to be seen, for me, whether I'll like it once I've seen the movie, but I'll probably update here if I do, so if you do too, there's that. 

Agnes: I admit, I have a harder time coming up with non-shippy prompts for Agnes than for most of the other characters, because we learn so little about her throughout the series; while she certainly kicks a lot of ass without ever going into combat, it's never totally clear whether, say, there really is concern for the heroes underlying her concern for the ratings.  It's certainly a possibility, but we don't *know* the way we know that Pao-Lin's conflicted about trying to please and get along with her parents.  

That said, there are a lot of possibilities to explore with Agnes.  And I can certainly produce shippy prompts to no end -- Antonio finally works up the nerve to ask her out for drinks, Agnes decides to put the moves on Barnaby or Keith, decides to "mentor" Karina, or maybe her hate-on for Kotetsu is really about angry sexual tension?  And some word-of-god sources have described Agnes and Nathan as friends, which is something I'd dearly love to see explored.  

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

    Nanami Chiaki
    Owari Akane
    Sonia Nevermind

I'm fully spoiled for this game, so I'd love something incorporating late-game info and developments, but I'd also love something set earlier in the game!  One of my favorite things about this game, in comparison to the first Dangan Ronpa, is the way that all the interrelationships among  the cast are developed, so I'd be more than happy with interaction among any combination of these girls.  Nanami helping Sonia with the language in a horror VN, or introducing Akane to DDR or something else active?  Sonia and Akane... well, I may be getting into late-game spoilers with my prompts for that combo. As I did with my Yuletide letter, I'm putting that part in a separate post.


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