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The Super Dangan Ronpa 2 spoiler no-man's-land section of the letter, to be specific.

Chiaki:  I LOVE Chiaki's gamer status, her weird sleep cycle (god, I can relate) and her strange outlook on reality (or "reality," really.) 

At Yuletide, I wrote an extensive section of my letter full of spoilery prompts for Nanami.  Those still stand!  The tl;dr version is that I'd be very interested in fic about Nanami's perspective on any of the events of the game or any of her relationships.  I ship her with Hinata pretty exclusively, but if you're more interested in exploring some of her other friendships, I'm game — I'd be especially interested in seeing her interact with Gundam, Souda, Tsumiki, or the requested duo of Sonia and Akane.

Sonia:  I just love Sonia's cheerfulness and enthusiasm and straightforward approach to life, and the way her cheerfulness and enthusiasm is often about serial killers, or cults, or a boy who claims to be the dark lord of the underworld.  I OTP Sonia/Gundam to such an extent that I find it slightly upsetting Hinata can romance Sonia in Dangan Island mode, so I'd rather not see either of them paired with someone else, though pairing the two of them obviously is up to you.  If that's what you want to do, though, absolutely anything would be great: post-game recovery fic (like most shippers of this pair I have an insatiable appetite for it) or mid-game cuteness or something about their time in school or in Despair.

I also love Sonia's friendship with Nanami, and the way all the girls seem to be friends; if you wanted to explore Sonia's interactions with one of the early departures, like Peko and Mahiru, that'd be great too.  Or her interest in serial killers and cults.  Or her life pre-game, whether in SHSL Despair or during her time at Hope's Peak.  I'm always a sucker for a comparison of the-first-time-around versus the game's era, whether relationships rebuilt themselves post-mindwipe or if chance and circumstances mean that characters form very different friendships and connections during the game than they did the first time they met.  Was Sonia drawn to Gundam when they were at school?  Who were her friends then? 

Akane:  Smart characters are great, unquestionably, but the way Akane tries to handle all her problems by punching them warms my heart.  It's the way she just sort of flings herself bodily into everything - food, fighting, and whatever else she feels like - and saves the thinking for later.  Or never.  It's not necessarily lack of intelligence (though she's not the smartest kid in the class, definitely) she just doesn't always engage her brain unless she has a good reason to.  Much the way she skips practices and doesn't train.  I love that she's so blunt, I love that "ore" is her personal pronoun of choice, and I really, really love imagining her, Nidai, Sakura and Aoi working out or hanging out together.

There's one of my prompts - That quartet, or any subset of them, as friends and training partners at Hope's Peak.  Or, for that matter, Akane constantly trying to spar with Sakura and discovering that all the speed in the world won't help her. 

To a certain extent, I have around the same prompts for Akane as I do for Sonia, though: What was her life like when she was at Hope's Peak, or when she was a member of SHSL Despair?  Did she have the same friendships and relationships during that time as she did in the game, or very different ones?  I ship her with Nidai, as friends or fuckbuddies or actually in love, but I also think her interactions with Kuzuryuu are interesting, and I already mentioned some possibilities with Nanami and Sonia. 


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