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Chocolate Box letter

Hello, writer or artist!  I hope this letter is useful, and not too overwhelmingly long, and I hope you enjoy!  Odds are that I'll adore my gift, going by past history, and I always think of my prompts as suggestions, not inflexible demands; many of my greatest gifts have gone in a direction I never expected when I wrote my letter.

If you want to check out other things I like (get a sense of my art tastes, check out fic bookmarks) you can find me by the same name everywhere - [ profile] lirillith or [ profile] lirillith - but that's totally optional, of course.

I put all the fandom-specific prompts in my signup (though there are a few corrected typos and the like here) but first some general likes and dislikes, since I asked for too many ships to go really in-depth with the prompts, and I may have erred too much on the side of fic in my signup anyway (purely out of habit - I requested art for all of these fandoms!)

Art likes (these could double as prompts, I hope?):

- Characters in formal wear and/or dancing together
- Ships getting married
- Pregnancy (mostly for het or f/f pairs - I'm okay with mpreg but not drawn to it for any of the requested m/m ships)
- Characters messing with, brushing, grooming, or braiding each other's hair
- Hand-holding, hugging, kissing, snuggling - basically just give me my ships engaging in PDA and I will scream at a frequency only dogs can hear
- Partial clothing swaps, like a character wearing their SO's jacket/hat/glasses/etc.
- People making each other laugh or smile
- Height/size differences in line with canon
- AUs: I often like AU art better than AU fic
- Some of the fic likes listed below - characters enjoying food, exploring a setting, or using superpowers/magic powers as appropriate - would work in art as well

Art DNWs:

- Gore, injuries, death, etc.
- Ukefication, treating one character as noticeably smaller/slighter/younger than they appear in canon
- Buckets of fluids, hentai-style
- Relatedly, lactation as a kink
- I'm as prone as any shipper to squeeing if my OTP is just standing next to each other, but I'd like more than that in gift art

General fic likes:

- Fic that gets into greater depth with some canon events than canon itself did -- exploring the emotional fallout of that dramatic revelation in the middle of the final battle, H/C as characters recuperate during a timeskip, two characters getting a chance to talk when they never had much of a chance onscreen
- Exploration of canonical memory issues, amnesia, false or double memories, etc.
- People finding companionship and love after an extended period of isolation, whatever that means for them (from mundane social isolation, bullying, or pushing people away, to a lifetime or centuries spent in solitary confinement or suspended animation or whatever else)
- Dialog, strong character voices, flirting, banter
- Worldbuilding, magic meta, superpower meta, mundane details in fantastic settings, mundane applications of superpowers or magic
- Food.  Fantasy worldbuilding via food or drink, characters cooking or baking, characters enjoying and seeking out different cuisines, or enjoying the taste of their alcohol and not just how drunk it gets them

General fic DNWs:

- Non-canonical nicknames or shortening of names
- Epithets ("the brunette," "the taller man," etc.) and relatedly, inventing terms for use in epithets, like bluenette (please god no)
- Use of singular they as a pronoun in narrative prose (please find another solution if you feel strongly about using a neutral pronoun for a character)
- Unprompted AUs, fusions, or crossovers
- Non-con between any requested pairs/groups
- Issuefic, regardless of issue or opinion
Fic likes specific to shippy/smutty fic:

- Friends-to-lovers
- Partnerships - if the characters refer to each other as partners onscreen I'm a dead woman
- Reluctant partnerships in particular: I'm a sucker for pairings where two reluctant people are forced to work together only to completely reverse their opinions of each other
- Awkward, faily attempts at romance or sex that nonetheless work out for the best (awkward sex doesn't have to be BAD)
- Couples who can laugh and have fun in bed, or just in general
- Pining (especially as a prelude to the couple getting together, but hey, 300 words)
- Long-distance relationships that work out although the downsides are treated realistically
- Couples trading off who takes the lead depending on circumstances rather than one partner always dominating
- Clothed or mostly clothed sex and frottage
- Masturbation, especially coupled with the aforementioned pining
- Temperature play, and possibly relatedly, use of superpowers/magic powers during sex
- Talking during sex in a non-dirty-talk way -- like, trying to carry on the pre-sex conversation until they get distracted into incoherence

Shippy/smutty DNWs:

- Usually not into instantaneous physical attraction as the driving force of a relationship
- Underage isn't a huge problem (I've been an anime fan too long) but I get squicked if the characters' youth is emphasized or fetishized -- like, it doesn't matter if the younger party is 19 if the older one is still obsessing over their nubile fresh-faced youth, so that's the part I don't want to see. But two sixteen-year-olds? Not a big deal.
- Sex pollen, fuck-or-die, etc.
- Humiliation-based dirty talk, or humiliation in general
- Excessive focus on bodily fluids and smells during sex, or sex featuring fluids that aren't traditionally part of sex, i.e. blood, vomit, etc.
- Intercrural
- Foot fetishy stuff -- no mouths or even faces in contact with feet.

Okay, the fandoms themselves:

Tiger & Bunny: Kotetsu/Barnaby; Barnaby/Karina; Kotetsu/Karina; Kotetsu/Karina/Barnaby; Nathan/Antonio; Pao-lin/Kaede or Pao-lin & Kaede; Pao-lin & Nathan & Karina

Kotetsu/Barnaby: I love these two being IDIOTS together. I love Kotetsu being silly during sex, or any other time, and Barnaby facepalming with fondness and exasperation in a mixture varying based on the context, and I love when the two of them fail at communication and then get it sorted out, and I love their working partnership. I don't love the idea that Kotetsu's pain is more important than Barnaby's and more deserving of comfort -- they've both been through a lot, I'd prefer we not make a competition out of it or woobify either of them -- and I don't love the interpretation that Barnaby is the toppiest top who's ever topped. But those are my biggest sticking points in the fandom. I'd love just about anything with these guys, from the beginning of their relationship to established-relationship sex or domesticity. You can touch on as much or as little of the heavy stuff from canon as you see fit, but as with all my prompts, I'd prefer nothing significantly darker than canon.

Kotetsu/Karina: I know, the age difference is huge (trust me, I'm more Kotetsu's age than Karina's, it looks ginormous from this end.) But they've also got a really great rapport -- how often is Karina the one scolding some sense into him? -- and I feel like they could work out really well in a few years, when she's gained the confidence to make the first move and she's old enough for him to stop thinking of her as a kid.

Karina/Barnaby: I feel like a lot of people freeze their interpretation of Karina's and Barnaby's relationship at their drama CD interaction, but from episode 14 and onward, they seemed to me like they were on better terms, even if not really *friendly* -- you could always do some UST/pre-relationship stuff in the middle of the series, getting them to that point? But I'd just prefer that you not make it a hatesex/open-hostility dynamic. Karina's natural tsundere prickliness (and Barnaby's occasional well-hidden awkwardness) would be a factor in any beginning relationship. I would take just about anything for these two -- there's so little! Something about the two of them running into each other during the year he's retired? Something post-Rising, working with her awareness of how he's changed by that point? Established-relationship celebrity-couple banter and/or smut?

Kotetsu/Karina/Barnaby: See above for my thoughts on each of the individual relationships. I feel like the dynamic the three of them have as a trio in episode 14 has a lot of potential -- maybe they get tapped to record another song, maybe do a music video or something? Feel free to go established-relationship here; establishing an OT3 from the ground up is HARD, yo.

Karina & Pao-lin & Nathan: I'll be honest, it was Tiger & Bunny: The Rising that really hammered this friendship into my heart. They all CARE about each other so much! If you've seen it, some post-Rising hugs and platonic h/c would be amazing. If not, I'd really love to see them just talking and bonding about canon events at almost any point; maybe dealing with the fallout of the Maverick incident, learning NEXTs could lose their powers, and having Kotetsu and Barnaby retire?

Antonio/Nathan: I really love the hints at a mostly-offscreen friendship between these two, and the suggestion that Antonio doesn't so much mind being groped at all as being groped without warning and/or in public. I'd love some missing scenes set during/around/after the Rising movie, whether they're a secret couple and Antonio's worrying secretly about Nathan, or comes to realize how he feels when Nathan's endangered, or whatever else you can think of. Maybe they have a friends-with-benefits arrangement and one of them starts to want more?

Pao-lin & or / Kaede: These two have so much potential and so little shared screentime or interaction. Joint heroics? Cute fluff? Pao-lin mentoring or partnering with Kaede? Kaede's working on controlling her powers and she just keeps needing to borrow Pao-lin's, it's just that lightning is complicated, there's no deeper meaning to it... I'm about equally fond of the idea of Kaede as a second-generation hero and Kaede following her own path independent of her dad (and she and Pao-lin both have complicated parental relationships) so feel free to go either way, or to have her weighing the options.

I should add: I nominated every single ship in the tag set because I love all of them. If you wanted to write or draw one of the others and you're disappointed not to see requests for those, or if you matched on one of these and then got stuck - you can switch to ANYTHING else in the tagset and I will not be disappointed. 

Also, I've been hankering for fic that takes the events and relationship developments of Rising into account for... two years now?  So if you're familiar with Rising, you could make my YEAR.

Ace of Diamond: Furuya & Haruichi & Eijun; Furuya/Miyuki; Eijun/Chris-senpai; Harada/Mei; Miyuki/Mei or Miyuki & Mei

I'm anime-only at this point, so please, no spoilers beyond what the anime's covered! That said, future fic that doesn't address the outcome of specific games and tournaments is fine.

Furuya Satoru & Kominato Haruichi & Sawamura Eijun: The first-year trio! I'm especially fond of Furuya (to use the Tumblr-speak, Haruichi's the cinnamon roll but Furuya's my son) but I love all three of these kids, and I wish their friendship got more screentime. Maybe in the off-season they actually have some leisure time they could spend together?

Furuya Satoru/Miyuki Kazuya: I ship these two so hard. If it weren't for Mei, they'd be one of those OTPs where I don't want to see either with anyone else. Miyuki worries about all his pitchers, but I always feel like there's something more when it comes to Furuya... and I'd really love to see Furuya actually tell Miyuki he was the reason he came to Seidou. And considering where I am right now in the anime, Furuya being the first to notice Miyuki's hurt caught my attention, too.

Sawamura Eijun/Takigawa Chris Yuu: Oh my god, these two. They really are my OTP for this series. Chris is just so PROUD of Eijun, and Eijun adores Chris, and I just want them to kiss a whole bunch and maybe play together in the pros? That might be a bit much for a 300-word fic or a single piece of fanart to tackle, but anything between those two poles would be great as well.

Miyuki Kazuya & or / Narumiya Mei: I'm always attuned to significant choices or changes in nomenclature, so of course the fact that Mei is the ONLY one who ever calls Miyuki by his first name got my attention. And I'm incredibly attached to Mei, for reasons I cannot adequately explain. Whether his admiration of Miyuki is a crush or hero worship, it's something I'd like to see explored more; maybe in future fic, where they end up at the same university, an AU where they went to the same school, or (perhaps more shippy than platonic) long-distance pining or texting?

Harada Masatoshi/Narumiya Mei: How often is Harada the one comforting Mei, reining him in, or just understanding what's going on with him? And then I go to his page on the series wiki and find a Mei quote: "He's huge and also noisy, and he's too serious... But he was the best partner." Way to STAB ME IN THE HEART, Mei. Something kind of bittersweet about the two of them trying to maintain their relationship (or develop it in the first place) as they go their separate ways, maybe?

Splitting up the DRs by game -

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Souda & Hinata; Souda & Nanami; Hinata/Nanami; Sonia/Gundam; Nidai/Akane

Souda & Hinata: Okay, Souda disclaimer -- his perving on Sonia makes me almost as uncomfortable as it clearly makes her. But bonding with him in Dangan Island mode was unexpectedly delightful, and I really like his friendship with Hinata. So, you know, just keep him in closer proximity to tanks than to Sonia and we're all good. Dangan Island is perfectly fine by me, or show me the sadder-but-wiser versions of everybody post-main-storyline though the restraining order regarding Sonia is still in force as far as I'm concerned.

Souda & Nanami: Same thing as with Hinata, really? I liked Nanami destroying him at gaming and him offering game hardware leads - I'd like to see some friendship building along those lines, whether it's in Island Mode, missing scenes in the main story, or the Souda-helps-restore-her-from-backup-and-maybe-builds-a-robot-body post-game scenario that every Hinata/Nanami shipper holds dear.

Hinata/Nanami: Yeah, what I said above about the restored-from-backup scenario! Or, again, dating on Dangan Island. Or even a no-despair AU, where Nanami's just a normal obsessed gamer girl with a weird outlook on life. My favorite thing about Hinata, no matter who he's interacting with, is the way he gradually learns to navigate conversations with these oddballs, and I adore Nanami's off-kilter approach to relationships and the world.

Sonia/Gundam: Speaking of off-kilter relationships to reality... God, I just love these two, their exuberant weirdness, Sonia's obvious delight in Gundam and his hamsters and his everything, and Gundam's shy "holy crap a girl likes me?" responses. And then, of course, canon comes brings UTTER DEVASTATION. So you could deal with any element of this: fluffy evil-overlord cuteness at some point in Chapter 3 or 4 or Dangan Island or a no-despair AU; canon-related angst during the latter part of chapter 4 or after; post-canon recovery fic; even some Despair Era if you want. (I always waver between wanting to replicate their canon dynamics with a Despair twist, and wanting to see a dramatic contrast; canon seems to indicate that if they'd formed close bonds in the first place they might never have fallen into despair, since friendship is the way out every time.)

Nidai/Akane: I love these two loud, aggressive meatheads, and I love how their relationship is rooted in sparring and competitiveness and physical confrontation; they seem to have so much fun when they're fighting, you know? Feel free to downplay or totally ignore Nidai's poop obsession, though.

Dangan Ronpa: Aoi/Sakura, Yamada & or / Chihiro

Aoi/Sakura: I love these two, and as much as I want them to be together and happy, I don't think I really want fluff or AUs this time? Bittersweet is a-okay, and so is canon-divergence AU where things still went at least part of the way to hell but somehow they both got out alive.

Yamada & Chihiro or Yamada/Chihiro: I'll be honest -- this crackship was largely sparked by the Unlimited Dandelion gift, which they both really like, and by SDR2, of all things. So bear with me. You know how Usami and Nanami are both derived from Chihiro's AI programming? The exact circumstances of their creation aren't totally clear, to the best of my knowledge, but it's at least possible that Chihiro programmed the would-be magical girl and the obsessive gamer *before* the events of the first game, under the influence of friendship (or more) with the video-game-referencing otaku who's obsessed with a magical girl show.

I don't have a strong preference either way regarding Chihiro's gender ID or pronouns; I get why people prefer to view Chihiro as a trans girl and I also get that the original creators were thinking "cis boy crossdressing because of social rather than identity reasons," so whatever way you lean is fine. I just find singular "they" distracting in narrative prose, so I'd prefer you avoid that option.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix/Edgeworth; Gumshoe/Franziska; Gumshoe/Edgeworth; Phoenix/Franziska; Apollo/Juniper; Apollo & Trucy

Phoenix/Edgeworth: What to even SAY about these two? They had me from "unnecessary feelings." I love how married they are by Dual Destinies, and I'd really love some ridiculous-dorks-in-love domesticity, Trucy-has-two-daddies fluff, Phoenix providing legal assistance in Europe, or whatever else you feel like writing. Or drawing! I'm sorry if a lot of my prompts are fic-centric! I'll try to remedy that in my letter, at least.

Gumshoe/Franziska: I emerged from Justice For All pretty well convinced that while Gumshoe might have a crush on Maggey, Franziska had a crush of her own on "her detective" and she was aggressively terrible at doing anything about it. T&T just solidified that. I'd really love either to see the aggressive terrible-ness continue (Azula-caliber flirtation?) or to see her getting some help at some point. I don't want their dynamic totally altered, but it'd be nice to see Gumshoe recognizing her human side and liking it, and Franziska terrorizing him a bit less.

Gumshoe/Edgeworth: Gumshoe's so *loyal,* oh my god, and he just loves Edgeworth so much. I'd want to see some appreciation from Edgeworth's side, I think, and I'm fully accepting of explanations like "Edgeworth doesn't really dock his pay every time he says he will" to soften their canon dynamic at points.

Franziska/Phoenix: She's so openly hostile it's almost kind of cute, right? I distinctly remember shipping it a lot during Bridge to the Turnabout, though that line was the least of it. In a departure from my requests for most other pairings, I'd be interested in seeing them going through a rough patch when Phoenix gets disbarred -- I can only imagine her idea of support would be different from what Phoenix wants, and likewise I can't imagine her being too excited about a relatively-new boyfriend suddenly adopting a child and a hobo lifestyle.

Apollo/Juniper: Juniper's crush on Apollo absolutely delighted me; it's just so *cute,* and I'd love to see Athena helping play matchmaker a bit (whether that means actually trying to nudge them together or just telling Apollo "hey, my friend likes you.") Maybe Juniper finally finishes that scarf and gives it to him? It's easy to think of them as super-fluffy, but they both went through quite a bit in Dual Destinies; there'd certainly be room for some h/c.

Apollo & Trucy: I loved these two as a duo, and I'd love to see more of that -- maybe Phoenix actually breaks the news to them that they're related? Maybe a slice of an investigation? Maybe Trucy tries to teach him some magic tricks?  (I should add - I don't care for Klavier, so please no background Apollo/Klavier)

Ore Monogatari: Suna & Yamato, Suna & Takeo, Takeo/Yamato, Takeo & Yamato & Suna

My ideal tag here would be "Gouda Takeo/Yamato Rinko & Sunakawa Makoto," personally! What I want is Yamato/Takeo as a romantic pairing as seen in canon, and Suna as their best friend and an indispensable part of their lives but not romantically involved with either of them. They all just LIKE each other so much! And any focus there is fine, whether you want to write shippy fluff between Takeo and Yamato or focus on Suna's friendship with either or both of them.

To borrow from my Yuletide letter, where this was also what I wanted: Suna acting as go-between while Takeo flips out over how to propose. Suna as the best man at the wedding, and the one trying to keep Takeo something approaching calm when Rinko's pregnant, and so on. Whatever kind of scenario you want - I just want to see this trio going on as they are now, well into the future. 

This section feels so short!  It's just that everything I want is really some variation or subset on one grouping of three characters, while all of the others have multiple ships.  Please don't feel like this request is tacked on: I can't even describe how happy this show made me while it was airing. It was an absolute delight from start to finish and I just want MORE.  (I know -- the manga.  But until I get to that...)