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  • Missing scenes, episode tags, fic that gets into greater depth with canon events than canon itself did
  • Dialog, strong character voices, flirting, banter
  • Awkward, faily attempts at romance or sex that nonetheless work out in the end (awkward sex with both parties laughing isn't bad sex, it's the BEST sex)
  • Related: Couples who can laugh and have fun in bed, or just in general
  • Couples trading off who takes the lead depending on circumstances rather than one partner always dominating
  • Smut in general, though I fall more at the vanilla end of the spectrum
  • Happy, welcome, healthy pregnancy
  • Pining, but only as a prelude to a couple getting together or at least progress in that direction
  • Clothed or mostly clothed sex and frottage
  • Temperature play, and possibly relatedly, use of superpowers/magic powers during sex
  • Talking during sex in a non-dirty-talk way -- like, trying to carry on the pre-sex conversation until they get distracted into incoherence

  • Mention of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or other traumatic/negative outcomes to pregnancy.  Infertility, in particular; I don't want to see it handled poorly and I'd rather not see it at all.
  • Characters embarrassing themselves, knowingly or otherwise.  I distinguish this from the "awkward romance" that I actually like, in that I think of that as a more mutual thing (or at least, if one partner's flailing, the other's at least viewing the whole thing with affection.)  But I don't want some poor soul screwing up while everyone around them looks on with pity and disdain.
  • Unprompted setting-change AUs, fusions or crossovers.  Canon-divergence is fine, though!
  • Gore and graphic violence; eye/hand injuries in particular are squicks
  • Animal harm or death
  • Any mention of cockroaches (unlikely in fanfic! But canons keep mentioning them. Please use some other method to indicate squalor.)
  • Excessive focus on bodily fluids and smells during sex (obviously fluids happen, you don't have to go non-explicit to avoid them, but I don't want loving, detailed descriptions of ejaculate, saliva, or wetness, excessive amounts of them, comeplay, etc.)  Definitely no sex featuring fluids like blood, vomit, or urine that aren't standard parts of sex.
Okay, those lists were fairly fic-focused, though the visual things (no gore, etc.) still apply to art.  If you matched on art (which never happens to me, but I live in hope) some art-specific likes: Hands (I know they're hard, I'm sorry) and hair -- hand-holding during sex or whenever else, a hand on a pregnant belly, one character's long hair wound around another's finger, braiding or styling hair, running fingers through hair; dancing, formal wear, and wedding art; limited color palettes; in modern canons, photography (selfies, photobooth pics, photos taken by other people)

Tiger & Bunny

Fandom-specific: No Japanese honorifics, please, unless they're coming from Ivan; it's an English-speaking setting. 

Antonio/Nathan - This was one of those pairings that came about right at the end of canon, for me; learning they spend time together outside work opened up a world of possibilities.

Fic: There are so many ways this could go.  Maybe after Nathan's taken out during The Rising, Antonio starts to realize he has feelings for him?  Or if you haven't watched the movie, this could go either way, with either of them getting injured.  Maybe the reverse happens when Antonio gets hurt fighting Jake, mid-series.  Maybe they've been friends-with-benefits for years but one of them starts wanting more.  Maybe they've been a couple for years and they surprise all the other Heroes by announcing an engagement.  (Whatever way you choose to interpret Nathan's gender ID is fine, but I find singular "they" really awkward in narrative prose, though perfectly natural in dialog.)

Art: This is another couple where formal clothes and/or formal dancing would be fantastic; going by Pixiv, Nathan must be a lot of fun to draw in slinky evening gowns.  I also really love their moments of fighting side-by-side in the series, so costumed or civilian-clothes superheroics would be great too.

The Royal Trap

Madeleine/Nazagi/Cassidy - I was pleasantly surprised by all the routes in this game, but this one in particular -- canon OT3!  And the closest thing we get to a Cassidy route! 

Fic: The happy ending image certainly indicates a happy and stable OT3, but Nazagi, at least, seemed to be suggesting a V; that'd be fine, but I'd be very interested in an equilateral OT3, too.  Like I said, I would have really liked a Cassidy route.  And whatever the specifics of the arrangement, I'd like to see a little more of how they get there: Cassidy and Nazagi's courtship (I bet she likes the glasses - someone should!) the growing bond between Cassidy and Madeleine, royal wedding nights or threesomes?  Cassidy and Nazagi delightedly welcoming Madeleine's first pregnancy?  Maybe Cassidy's parents finally sharing some of the info about her past that you otherwise mostly get in the Callum route?  Infodump not needed; it's just that Nazagi's partial understanding of events bothers me a bit and I prefer it be corrected.  I guess that's less a prompt than a preference. 

Art: The pregnancy prompt would be lovely for art, too (both of them touching Madeleine's pregnant belly?)  In art more than prose, I'm fond of costume porn, dancing, and wedding finery.  And hair porn!  With both Cassidy and Nazagi and their beautiful hair, this ship is made for it. Braiding, styling, just running fingers through hair -- also a welcome element in fic, but I really love it in art.

- Normally, I'm not much for romances driven heavily by physical attraction, but the chemistry between Madeleine and Callum is SOMETHING ELSE, and I'm a sucker for reluctant/grudging partnerships anyway.  And while this game may not have a designated True End/Perfect End like some VNs, Callum's happy ending felt like it fit that role nicely.  I was also really pleased with the suggestion of developing Cassidy/Oscar in the background; feel free to have them as a secondary couple!

Fic: Smut would be great (how they resisted having wall sex during the game is beyond me) but so would domestic fluff, building-a-spy-network development, or collaborating on ever-more-advanced clockpunk devices.  (Worldbuilding is always welcome here.)  Maybe they both get some opportunity to travel? 

Art: Smutty art is awesome too :D  So are domestic moments, battle-couple action scenes, dancing in formal finery at court events -- Madeleine at one point notes that Callum would probably clean up nicely, so I'm all for a visual of that.


Fandom-specific: No mention of Rin/Haru, please.  And this is the current exception to my "no setting-change AUs" stipulation - if you have an idea for or art set in the Future Fish or Splash Free universes (i.e. the ones introduced in the two ending themes, and in the case of Future Fish, the mooks as well) by all means go for it!

Gou/Nagisa - I got the most adorable, perfect gift for these two nearly a year ago, I almost feel greedy requesting them again - but they're so dang cute.  Their infectious shared enthusiasm (and how it's so often about the same things, usually at the expense of Rin or the other club members) Nagisa's fondness for her eccentric onigiri, the fact that she actually managed to pick out a charm point for the least muscular member of the club...

Fic: Jeez, it's hard to come up with prompts for couples like this somehow.  Maybe he teaches her to swim?  I really want her to learn how to swim.  Or maybe given that he tends to explain things with arm gestures and zooming noises, maybe he totally fails to teach her to swim but she doesn't care so much after all.  Maybe he gets a bit taller and more buff in his third year (there's a bit of official art that suggests that) and she starts noticing? 

Art: I mentioned the photography thing; these two seem like they'd be all over photobooth/print club photos and selfies, don't they?  And Gou's hair is perfect for the hair-porn art I love.  Future Fish and Splash Free AUs would work, too, since so much of the appeal is visual (Future Fish Gou is a waitress; maybe she helps Astronaut Nagisa harbor his little alien buddies while scolding him for bringing them back in the first place)

Gou/Sousuke - Like a lot of people, it was that moment with the jacket in the OVA episode that set this ship asail for me.  She'd definitely appreciate his muscles (even if we never saw her do so onscreen) and there are several indications they've been in contact offscreen; they seem to have been in touch through most of middle school, too, before he went off to high school in Tokyo. 

Fic: I want to see more about that, or see them getting reacquainted after he graduates, when they're living in the same town.  Maybe he teaches her how to swim.  Maybe one of them has been crushing on the other since middle school.  Maybe it was mutual and neither of them ever said anything because teenagers can be dumb?  Or maybe she's just been biding her time till her overprotective brother leaves the country before she pounces on his best friend?  (I adore Rin, but I just picture Gou rolling her eyes at him.)

Art: I am also a big fan of Sousuke's muscles. And a number of my fanart likes would fit in here; hands, hair, costume-porn AUs, pregnancy, photography... Alas, Sousuke has no canon Arabian Nights incarnation from Splash Free to my knowledge, but that doesn't seem to have slowed people down much, and he's certainly looking good in Future Fish. 
Edited August 13: Additional prompts/fandoms for anyone who's so kind as to pick up my pinch hit!

Ace of Diamond: I've seen the entire anime, but haven't picked up the manga yet.  Information beyond the anime ending will be lost on me, I'm afraid.

Furuya Satoru/Miyuki Kazuya - I ship these two so hard. If it weren't for Mei, they'd be one of those OTPs where I don't want to see either with anyone else. Miyuki worries about all his pitchers, but I always feel like there's something more when it comes to Furuya, and Furuya worries about him too in his quiet way.  I'd really love to see Furuya actually tell Miyuki he was the reason he came to Seidou.

Miyuki Kazuya/Narumiya Mei - I'm always attuned to significant choices or changes in nomenclature, so of course the fact that Mei is the ONLY one who ever calls Miyuki by his first name got my attention. And I'm incredibly attached to Mei, for reasons I cannot adequately explain -- I think it's the way that he pays his dues and suffers to get where he is.  Whether his admiration of Miyuki is a crush or hero worship, it's something I'd like to see explored more; maybe in future fic, where they end up at the same university, an AU where they went to the same school, or long-distance pining or texting?

Ace Attorney

Dick Gumshshoe/Franziska von Karma - I emerged from Justice For All pretty well convinced that Franziska had a crush of her own on "her detective" and she just had no idea what to really do about it.  He's so... scruffy and imperfect, and all, and she's not used to thinking of "good-hearted and kind" as important attributes for a person to have, and he's just really unsuitable.  And foolish. 

It'd be nice to see Gumshoe recognizing her human side and liking it, too.

Franziska von Karma/Phoenix Wright - She's so openly hostile it's almost kind of cute, right? I distinctly remember shipping it a lot during Bridge to the Turnabout, though that line was the least of it. I don't see anything really happening between them until after that case, and I'd be interested in seeing them going through a rough patch when Phoenix gets disbarred -- I can only imagine her idea of support would be different from what Phoenix wants, and likewise I can't imagine her being too excited about a relatively-new boyfriend suddenly adopting a child and a hobo lifestyle.

Dangan Ronpa: I'm watching the DR3 anime, so no worries about spoilers.

Nidai Nekomaru/Owari Akane - I always shipped these two, but Dangan Ronpa 3 was an unexpected gift.  I don't think of myself as liking aphrodisiac/sex-pollen tropes, but I'd never had canon just hand them to me before, either!  Akane and Nidai kind of disappeared after they were initially hit with it, and personally, I like to think they spent the rest of the episode making out in a corner till Chisa pried them apart with a crowbar.  I'd kind of like to see the making out, or the awkward "well, THAT happened" aftermath, but that's not the only scenario.  Anything with these two, really, in all their loud, crass, rowdy glory; fistfights transitioning to making out, barbecue as the perfect date, massage with the thinly-veiled double entendre layer stripped away, whatever works for you.  Any of these would work for art, too. 

Hinata Hajime/Nanami Chiaki - I had not expected Dangan Ronpa 3 to make me ship these two EVEN HARDER, but then I wasn't expecting Chiaki to even be present.  I fully subscribe to the theory that RL-Chiaki is going to die at Kamukura's hands, and it will destroy me, and I will just ship them EVEN HARDER.  And probably want fic of post-SDR2, memory-restored Hinata being horrified by that knowledge.  I mean, it's all speculation, and it's unlikely to happen before fics are even due, so I could understand not wanting to go there in your fic.  Normally this is not the kind of thing I ask for in exchanges!  But it's the inescapable possibility hanging over them ever since DR3 started, and I would definitely be interested in exploring it, whether as part of a larger fic or as the center of it. 

But if that's too dark for you, it'd be great to see some kind of fic about the different phases of their relationship without touching on the darkest possibilities: at school, before Kamukura and everything else; on the island, stolen moments amongst the investigations and murders; and afterwards, bringing her back in whatever state they can, and Hinata dealing with his regained and reintegrated memories.  But I'd also be happy to see some cute missing scenes from their early life at school, or Island Mode fluff, whichever you're most comfortable with. 
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