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I'm going sparse with the prompts for this, though I hope my likes and dislikes give you some guidance.  I legitimately want you to surprise me, but, you know, "grab-bag of candy" surprise, or "spooky twist ending," not "can full of spiders" surprise, I hope.

Don't take the lack of trick-specific likes and prompts as some stealth "no tricks please" preference -- I just don't have many ideas along those lines!  I'm working on it, but I don't read a lot of horror or darkfic, so it's easier to identify what I don't want than what I do. 

And if this feels a little lacking, you can always go back through my past entries for more thorough letters or detailed prompts if you want.  I'm trying not to write an epic for every letter anymore; some of the best gifts I've ever gotten were more about the spirit of my likes/prompts than the letter of them, so I don't want to choke the life out of any ideas you have, but I also understand wanting more than "these two are cute!"  I'm just... new to this particular exchange, and not wanting to overdo it.

Treat/general likes:

- Seasonal or holiday fic, and Halloween could go either way; fluff with Halloween parties or goofy costumes, or darker fic with ghosts, the supernatural, etc.
- Team/ensemble gen; there are ships I don't want, but there are no characters I can't stand
- Humor, strong dialog/character voices, banter, flirting
- Art-specific: I don't usually want AU fic, but I love AU art; Western or Victorian or steampunk or pirate designs, superhero or magical-girl outfits, armor, weapons, all that. 

Trick likes:

- Unsettling atmosphere, ambiguous supernatural elements, events that go unexplained or that can't be adequately explained by existing canon magic/supernatural knowledge
- Post-apocalyptic survivalism, zombie apocalypses, and the like; conveniently, some of my fandoms come pre-installed with canon apocalypses
- For-want-of-a-nail dark AUs where a character makes the opposite decision from canon and inadvertently or unknowingly screws over the world -- the DR1 Bad End is an excellent example, for those familiar


- Unrequested pairings, unrequested setting-change AUs or crossovers
- Embarrassment-squick moments, or humor based off how badly a character is about to embarrass themselves
- Non-con
- Gore, particularly eye injuries
- Pregnancy loss, traumatic pregnancy/birth, stillbirth, etc.  It's not a subject I want to see played for horror, including body horror
- Body horror in general, actually
- Yandere or dark versions of characters who don't behave that way in canon
- Cockroaches.  Please signal squalor some other way.
- Vampires and werewolves - they generally fall flat for me as either scary or sexy, unfortunately

Tiger & Bunny: Barnaby Brooks Jr.

I have to ask for the birthday boy for a Halloween exchange in this fandom! I love this closet dork, his well-hidden softer side, his often-misunderstood sense of humor, his neat freak tendencies and the fact he still adores his slob partner anyway, his gradual character growth, his air-conducting opera when no one can see, the whole package.

I ship him with Kotetsu, Karina, or Ivan, if you feel like writing or drawing something shippy, but pure gen is a-okay by me. I love the entire cast, and I'd be delighted to have all of them appear, if you're up for it. Costumed Halloween/birthday/surprise party, because Kotetsu never learns (or maybe someone else took over the planning because Kotetsu never learns)? Maverick's memory fuckery could get pretty creepy, and is a perpetual interest of mine. I'm not fond of Ouroboros AUs, and I'd rather not have any unhappy endings for Barnaby, but I could certainly live with dark hallucinations or Barnaby dream sequences, and with acknowledgement that his issues are not going away anytime soon.

I guess those darker prompts don't work so well for art, but costumes/Halloween-themed art would be fantastic, and I'm much more open to certain kinds of AUs (were-rabbit Barnaby? monsters in general?) in art than in fic, if you matched on art but want to go more towards the trick side of things.

Dangan Ronpa: Sonia Nevermind, Tanaka Gundam, Nanami Chiaki (SDR2), Nanami Chiaki (DR3)

I have to ask for the spooky duo here (Gundam and Sonia) though if you offered just one of them, that's great too!  I love them both solo, I just don't want to see either of them involved with Souda.  Either one, or both together, should work for either a trick (Despair-era?) or a treat, or a bit of both.  And there's that Halloween party in the ending sequence of Zetsubou-hen, or whatever dark rituals Gundam cooks up.

And as for the Nanamis, well... I love both incarnations, but some of my ideas are bound to get shot down by the remaining episodes of DR3.  Depending on what we see in what's coming up, I'd be curious as to how much (if anything) SDR2 Nanami knows about her predecessor, about how she was programmed and what Nanami Prime was like, and how she and the other students might interact since they, hopefully, have some memory of the first Nanami. 

And for the first Nanami, well... I don't like posthumous fic, so something set pre-episode 10: playing horror games (maybe with an unruffled Sonia, Gundam, or both?)  Gaming, period, with anybody?  Dark overtones linked to her eventual canon fate (like her sailing through a trap-filled labyrinth in a game without a hitch) would be welcome.

In general, though I requested both treats and tricks here, I'd like something kind of dark, bittersweet, or with an unhappy ending; I'm writing this directly after watching episode 10, and I'd like to at least touch on Despair in any given fic.  I read and write plenty of fluff for my favorite characters in this fandom because I want things to end up okay for them in the long run, but this challenge is perfect for getting into the darker side of their lives or the Bad End possibilities. 

No Mastermind AUs, please! And while I can work with either the first-name-basis standard of the localization or the surnames-and-honorifics of the original, I'd like to request that you not use "Gundham." It's just distracting for me.  I always pronounce the H in my head.

Free!: Nagisa, Rin, Rei, Gou

Nagisa seems like he enjoys getting spooked at haunted houses or creepy settings, and this comes up often enough in canon that there should be ample opportunities for more in fic, whether you want to make that spooky or just cute. And let's face it, he'd drag ANY of them along. Or all of them. Or somehow conned Rin and Rei, or Gou, or whoever, into some kind of abandoned building or test of courage...

Other characters or combos: Rin and Gou, sibling gen? Some combo of Rei, Nagisa, and Gou, in their third year, whether they're working on a haunted house for a school festival or whipping first-year swimmers into shape or coming up with ridiculous recruitment strategies?

Okay, trying this with a "why I love the character" approach, since I'm not having much luck with plot (this is a fluff series for me):

Rei just delights me every second he's on screen, the melodramatic doofus. I adore him. And because he's often the one who makes me laugh, it's that much more effective when things get really serious with him.

I love Nagisa for his enthusiasm and his enthusiastic trolling of all of his trollable friends (i.e. not Haru.) And his immense fondness for food.

I love Gou partly for meta reasons that are unhelpful for fic (I appreciated her much more after seeing how many sports anime treat the girl managers) but also for her interplay with Nagisa - the way the two of them are often the cheering section if not the entire motivating force behind some questionable decision that will make Rei scream like pterodactyl.

Rin... honestly part of it is that he's RIDICULOUSLY hot (relevant for fanartists! You can basically just draw Rin looking hot for me and I will slobber all over you! Metaphorically.) Part of it is that I love the way different friends draw out different sides of him -- the way he engages with Rei on a logical level even though they're both super emotional, the way he turns into a goofy kid around Nagisa and his overprotectiveness toward Gou.

Shipwise, I'm partial to Rin/Rei, Nagisa/Rei, and Nagisa/Gou, and any implication of Rin/Haru is a DNW.  Ensemble gen in any combo is great!  So is PWP for the listed pairings, solo character study, solo fanart... 

In general, I'm not a fan or AUs, but anything (fic or art) using the ending-sequence AUs from either season would be awesome, too.

A note about fanart prompts: I am SO BAD at them.  When it comes to writing, I know more or less how it works, what you can probably ask a random writer to do and what's out of bounds.  Art is a mystery to me.  I know things I like seeing -- characters dancing, cool costumes, AU designs, detailed hands, detailed settings, limited-palette art, emotional shippy art -- but I don't know if they fall within the skillset of any given randomly assigned artist.  I hope if you did match on fanart, you aren't finding this useless!  I know I skimped on the fic prompts, but I don't even know how badly I'm screwing up the art prompts.
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