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Hello, writer!  

I am so sorry about this letter.  It's so long, but still lopsided.  LLtQ has so many branching paths and hidden scenes buried under skill checks that I feel like I ought to account for them all, and Tiger & Bunny has so many characters nominated, all of whom I love.  Shirobako is a much simpler request, so it's much shorter.  I promise that doesn't mean I love it less!  I just have a very definite favorite character for it, and it makes for a more focused request.

One thing I want to make clear upfront:  All prompts and likes are meant as guidance, not as hard-and-fast rules.  Some of the best fics I've ever received have been beautifully unexpected, in the spirit of my requests but not the letter. You don't need to pile on the items from the likes list or use any of my prompts — they're meant to give you an idea of the kind of thing I like or to be starting points, not to be requests for the only things I want to read.  (DNWs, on the other hand, really are serious day-ruiners.)  A fic you enjoyed writing is going to be a lot more fun to read than a fic you were slogging through miserably.

I'm fine with any rating, from G to E.  I'm perhaps disappointingly vanilla, at least in the sense of "not into BDSM," for which I apologize, but relationship-driven smut for any of the pairings I ship is totally welcome, and I do have an attempt at a kink list in my likes.  


  • Fic that gets into greater depth with canon events than canon itself did — missing scenes tied into one precise moment in canon, timeskip fic covering how characters got from point A to point B, characters still reckoning with the events of canon after the ending.
  • Dialog, strong character voices, flirting, banter
  • Worldbuilding through the eyes of the main characters; magic meta, superpower meta, mundane details in fantastic settings, mundane applications of superpowers or magic
  • Food porn.  Worldbuilding via food or drink, characters cooking or baking, characters enjoying and seeking out different cuisines, or enjoying the taste and complexity of their alcohol and not just how drunk it gets them.
  • On the shippy front: UST and pre-relationship maneuverings; mutual pining prior to getting together; get-together/first-time fics, the ways characters sort of awkwardly stumble into a relationship; friends-to-lovers or FWB shading into more
  • Sex-related things that aren't necessarily porny: I love awkward, realistically imperfect first times (and additional times) where the characterization is more important than any given kink.  I really like couples who can laugh and have fun in bed, and just in general, and couples trading off who takes the lead depending on circumstances rather than one partner always dominating.
  • But as for the kinks: If there's going to be dirty talk I prefer it be praise-based, awkward as hell, or both (or one character's really into it and the other is flailing.)  Clothed or mostly clothed sex and frottage.  Wall sex.  Pregnant sex.  Sex toys.  Masturbation or sex dreams, coupled with pining.  Temperature play, and possibly relatedly, use of superpowers/magic powers during sex.  Talking during sex in a non-dirty-talk way — like, trying to carry on the pre-sex conversation until distracted into incoherence.  Joking or light-hearted bickering during sex.
  • Ensemble/team fic, especially for those canons where the team/workplace/adventuring party forms a kind of canon found family.
  • Holiday fic, ideally linked to the time of year — i.e. I'm not interested in getting Halloween fic or summer fireworks in December.  I live in Southern California; I want escapist snow this time of year.  But pick a holiday, or make up a seasonally appropriate one — they're all welcome.  Also welcome — people grousing about the holiday in question, sentimentality-puncturing events like crimes, disasters, etc., loneliness or angst, anime production crises like in Shirobako, ghosts whether literal or figurative... bittersweet holiday fic would be awesome, is what I'm saying.


  • Mention of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or other traumatic/negative outcomes to pregnancy.  Infertility, in particular; I don't want to see it handled poorly and I'd rather not see it at all. 
  • Public humiliation (kinky or not) or characters embarrassing themselves, knowingly or otherwise.  I distinguish this from the "awkward romance" that I actually like, in that I think of that as a more mutual thing, each of them viewing the other's awkwardness with affection.  But I don't want anything lingering on, or playing-for-comedy, a character's embarrassment or humiliation.
  • Unprompted setting-change AUs, fusions or crossovers, or inclusion of unrequested pairings.
  • Sibling or parent/child incest.  First cousins and beyond are fine.
  • OCs.  If you need to give a name and a line of dialog to the character who brings them tea, that's fine, but I want the focus to be on canon characters.
  • Gore and graphic violence; eye injuries in particular are a major squick.
  • Animal harm or death, especially to cats.
  • Issuefic of any kind
  • Explicitly identified asexuality in any romances; I want my ships to have at least the possibility of having sex at some point.
  • Singular they as a personal pronoun outside of dialog; if you feel the need to use a gender-neutral pronoun for a character in narration for more than a line or two, I'd strongly prefer some other choice, like ey/em or xe/xem.
  • Any mention of cockroaches (unlikely in fanfic, but you never know)
  • Excessive focus on bodily fluids and smells during sex.  Obviously in explicit sex fluids happen!  And I'm all in favor of explicit sex!  I just don't want comeplay, bukkake, loving and detailed descriptions of saliva or wetness, excessive amounts of ejaculate or lubrication, etc. Watersports, scat, and bloodplay are also off the table.

Long Live the Queen: Elodie, Banion, Brin

Fandom-specific: Would prefer not to get anything with a ruthless/Machiavellian/sadistic Elodie, here; I also very much DNW the ending Lucille renders Elodie sterile and Elodie takes the opportunity to marry Brin.  Though now that I think about it, those two (ruthless Elodie and Lucille's revenge) go hand-in-hand.

As I said in my sign-up, Elodie is the only character I require; if things aren't working out with Banion and Brin, I do have prompts involving just Elodie, or a few other possibilities with other characters.


Prompts and character rambling )


Tiger & Bunny: Any

I know requesting any is a roll of the dice, but I tried this last year, which I really believed would be T&B's last year in Yuletide.  I can't believe the fandom slowed down so much that it squeaked in again this year, but I'm not going to pass up one last chance to ask for anything and everything. 

A lot of my prompts do involve Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, the sequel movie that came out in 2014.  It should be widely available by now, I hope, but things set during or before TV canon, or during one of the time skips, would be really welcome too!  In the last-episode time skip, we passed over a year in which the heroes had to deal with the revelation that Hero TV was rigged, and that NEXTs could lose their powers (which had been a well-kept secret up till then.) And on top of that, Kotetsu, the heart of the team, and Barnaby, the catalyst who essentially made them a team, both retired at the same time.  Were any of the heroes in touch with Barnaby during that year?  Were they in touch with Kotetsu?  Did any of them go to visit him?

There's also always the year before the series started — Pao-lin, Karina, and Ivan are younger than the other heroes, but did they all start at the same time?  How did they settle in?

And origin stories, for one or more characters, or all of them — we know Keith was eighteen when his powers manifested, but how did they first appear, and how did he learn to control them?  How did any of the heroes learn to control their powers?

Ensemble gen, whether it's superheroic adventure or Hero TV galas or the characters spending downtime together, would be fantastic!

This letter is not just a copy-paste of last year's letter (I kept adding things, because there are more characters in the tagset this year) but if you've read that one, odds are that any prompts you remember are still there.  

The DNW ships (in a romantic/sexual context) are Kotetsu/Yuri, Barnaby/Maverick, and Pao-lin or Kaede with any adult characters.  The other DNWs for this fandom are: they/them as a personal pronoun (mostly relevant to Nathan), writing Pao-lin as non-binary/genderqueer, and including Japanese honorifics unless they're coming from Ivan.


Prompts and character thoughts (long. so long.) )


Shirobako: Kinoshita Seiichi

Fandom-specific: I'd appreciate fewer fat jokes than canon has.  This doesn't mean no mention of Kinoshita's weight at all — "SHORYUU-BELLY!" was one of the greatest moments in anime history, IMO, and he makes weight references himself — but less of the casual office joking about food, eating and weight would be nice.  They're all chowing down on delicious-looking stuff constantly; I'd rather just enjoy the food porn.

Also — if you matched on this fandom, please don't feel like the fact this section isn't as ridiculously long as the other two means some kind of favoritism.  LLtQ is a game with a lot of branching paths and easy-to-miss scenes; Tiger & Bunny had twelve characters nominated and I requested Any.  This is just a much simpler request in comparison!


Prompts! )


I hope this covered everything, because this letter is way too long as it is!  I just know I prefer to have something to go on, and hopefully you do too.  If not, well, the most important stuff is up at the top and/or in my signup, and I really do consider my prompts optional guidance.  I just want to cover all the bases, in case you want that guidance.

If you feel you'd get a better idea of what I like via my fics and so on than through this batch of tl;dr, you'll have better luck with my AO3 or Tumblr.  I'm the same name everywhere: [ profile] lirillith or [ profile] lirillith .  I haven't used this space for anything except exchange letters in quite some time.
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I'm going sparse with the prompts for this, though I hope my likes and dislikes give you some guidance.  I legitimately want you to surprise me, but, you know, "grab-bag of candy" surprise, or "spooky twist ending," not "can full of spiders" surprise, I hope.

Don't take the lack of trick-specific likes and prompts as some stealth "no tricks please" preference -- I just don't have many ideas along those lines!  I'm working on it, but I don't read a lot of horror or darkfic, so it's easier to identify what I don't want than what I do. 

And if this feels a little lacking, you can always go back through my past entries for more thorough letters or detailed prompts if you want.  I'm trying not to write an epic for every letter anymore; some of the best gifts I've ever gotten were more about the spirit of my likes/prompts than the letter of them, so I don't want to choke the life out of any ideas you have, but I also understand wanting more than "these two are cute!"  I'm just... new to this particular exchange, and not wanting to overdo it.

Treat/general likes:

- Seasonal or holiday fic, and Halloween could go either way; fluff with Halloween parties or goofy costumes, or darker fic with ghosts, the supernatural, etc.
- Team/ensemble gen; there are ships I don't want, but there are no characters I can't stand
- Humor, strong dialog/character voices, banter, flirting
- Art-specific: I don't usually want AU fic, but I love AU art; Western or Victorian or steampunk or pirate designs, superhero or magical-girl outfits, armor, weapons, all that. 

Trick likes:

- Unsettling atmosphere, ambiguous supernatural elements, events that go unexplained or that can't be adequately explained by existing canon magic/supernatural knowledge
- Post-apocalyptic survivalism, zombie apocalypses, and the like; conveniently, some of my fandoms come pre-installed with canon apocalypses
- For-want-of-a-nail dark AUs where a character makes the opposite decision from canon and inadvertently or unknowingly screws over the world -- the DR1 Bad End is an excellent example, for those familiar


- Unrequested pairings, unrequested setting-change AUs or crossovers
- Embarrassment-squick moments, or humor based off how badly a character is about to embarrass themselves
- Non-con
- Gore, particularly eye injuries
- Pregnancy loss, traumatic pregnancy/birth, stillbirth, etc.  It's not a subject I want to see played for horror, including body horror
- Body horror in general, actually
- Yandere or dark versions of characters who don't behave that way in canon
- Cockroaches.  Please signal squalor some other way.
- Vampires and werewolves - they generally fall flat for me as either scary or sexy, unfortunately

Tiger & Bunny: Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Halloween birthday boy )

Dangan Ronpa: Sonia Nevermind, Tanaka Gundam, Nanami Chiaki (SDR2), Nanami Chiaki (DR3)

Murder school kids )

Free!: Nagisa, Rin, Rei, Gou

Swimmers and their appreciative audience )

A note about fanart prompts: I am SO BAD at them.  When it comes to writing, I know more or less how it works, what you can probably ask a random writer to do and what's out of bounds.  Art is a mystery to me.  I know things I like seeing -- characters dancing, cool costumes, AU designs, detailed hands, detailed settings, limited-palette art, emotional shippy art -- but I don't know if they fall within the skillset of any given randomly assigned artist.  I hope if you did match on fanart, you aren't finding this useless!  I know I skimped on the fic prompts, but I don't even know how badly I'm screwing up the art prompts.
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  • Missing scenes, episode tags, fic that gets into greater depth with canon events than canon itself did
  • Dialog, strong character voices, flirting, banter
  • Awkward, faily attempts at romance or sex that nonetheless work out in the end (awkward sex with both parties laughing isn't bad sex, it's the BEST sex)
  • Related: Couples who can laugh and have fun in bed, or just in general
  • Couples trading off who takes the lead depending on circumstances rather than one partner always dominating
  • Smut in general, though I fall more at the vanilla end of the spectrum
  • Happy, welcome, healthy pregnancy
  • Pining, but only as a prelude to a couple getting together or at least progress in that direction
  • Clothed or mostly clothed sex and frottage
  • Temperature play, and possibly relatedly, use of superpowers/magic powers during sex
  • Talking during sex in a non-dirty-talk way -- like, trying to carry on the pre-sex conversation until they get distracted into incoherence

  • Mention of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or other traumatic/negative outcomes to pregnancy.  Infertility, in particular; I don't want to see it handled poorly and I'd rather not see it at all.
  • Characters embarrassing themselves, knowingly or otherwise.  I distinguish this from the "awkward romance" that I actually like, in that I think of that as a more mutual thing (or at least, if one partner's flailing, the other's at least viewing the whole thing with affection.)  But I don't want some poor soul screwing up while everyone around them looks on with pity and disdain.
  • Unprompted setting-change AUs, fusions or crossovers.  Canon-divergence is fine, though!
  • Gore and graphic violence; eye/hand injuries in particular are squicks
  • Animal harm or death
  • Any mention of cockroaches (unlikely in fanfic! But canons keep mentioning them. Please use some other method to indicate squalor.)
  • Excessive focus on bodily fluids and smells during sex (obviously fluids happen, you don't have to go non-explicit to avoid them, but I don't want loving, detailed descriptions of ejaculate, saliva, or wetness, excessive amounts of them, comeplay, etc.)  Definitely no sex featuring fluids like blood, vomit, or urine that aren't standard parts of sex.
Okay, those lists were fairly fic-focused, though the visual things (no gore, etc.) still apply to art.  If you matched on art (which never happens to me, but I live in hope) some art-specific likes: Hands (I know they're hard, I'm sorry) and hair -- hand-holding during sex or whenever else, a hand on a pregnant belly, one character's long hair wound around another's finger, braiding or styling hair, running fingers through hair; dancing, formal wear, and wedding art; limited color palettes; in modern canons, photography (selfies, photobooth pics, photos taken by other people)

Tiger & Bunny

Fandom-specific: No Japanese honorifics, please, unless they're coming from Ivan; it's an English-speaking setting. 

Antonio/Nathan )

The Royal Trap

Madeleine/Nazagi/Cassidy; Madeleine/Callum )


Gou/Nagisa; Gou/Sousuke )
Edited August 13: Additional prompts/fandoms for anyone who's so kind as to pick up my pinch hit!

Ace of Diamond: I've seen the entire anime, but haven't picked up the manga yet.  Information beyond the anime ending will be lost on me, I'm afraid.

Furuya/Miyuki, Miyuki/Narumiya )

Ace Attorney

Gumshoe/Franziska, Franziska/Phoenix )

Dangan Ronpa: I'm watching the DR3 anime, so no worries about spoilers.

Nidai/Akane, Hinata/Nanami )
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Hello, writer or artist!  I hope this letter is useful, and not too overwhelmingly long, and I hope you enjoy!  Odds are that I'll adore my gift, going by past history, and I always think of my prompts as suggestions, not inflexible demands; many of my greatest gifts have gone in a direction I never expected when I wrote my letter.

If you want to check out other things I like (get a sense of my art tastes, check out fic bookmarks) you can find me by the same name everywhere - [ profile] lirillith or [ profile] lirillith - but that's totally optional, of course.

I put all the fandom-specific prompts in my signup (though there are a few corrected typos and the like here) but first some general likes and dislikes, since I asked for too many ships to go really in-depth with the prompts, and I may have erred too much on the side of fic in my signup anyway (purely out of habit - I requested art for all of these fandoms!)

Things I like in art - feel free to treat these as prompts! )

Art DNWs )

Fic likes (not specific to shippy fic) )

Fic DNWs )
Shippy and smutty fic likes )

(Mostly) smut-specific DNWs )

Okay, the fandoms themselves:

Tiger & Bunny )

Ace of Diamond )

Splitting up the DRs by game -

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 )

Dangan Ronpa )

Ace Attorney )

Ore Monogatari!! )
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I always forget this part, so -- hello, writer!  I hope you don't mind long letters!  And I hope you're able to find something useful-to-you in this wall of text. 

Each section has its own cut, so you can go back to the top page of my journal and navigate that way.  I'm so sorry this letter got so out of hand. 

A lot of my prompts may sound shippy, but I swear to you that just because I carry on at length about the dynamic between two people doesn't mean that I'm just being diplomatic when I say I'd also like gen about their friendship.  (If I desperately require shippy fic and nothing but, I'll beg pathetically for it, and have in the past.)  It's just that relationships, romantic or otherwise, give a jumping-off point, and I do tend to think of prompts in the form of "A and B in [time] and [place,] what do they do, or what do they have to say about [event]?" whether or not they're banging. 

And that's the form a lot of my prompts will take, which will either work for you or drive you mad.  All I can say is that while I do want my likes and dislikes taken into account, my prompts are just loose suggestions. If you have ideas that are inspiring you, go to town!  Some of the best gift fics I've ever received went in directions I'd never have anticipated if I'd had to write something for my request.  I hesitate to say "I'll like anything you write" because there are certainly things people could write that I wouldn't like, but historically, I've gotten awesome gifts every time, so the odds are good that I will.

The general stuff:
I would like fic to end on a hopeful or positive note overall without glossing or candy-coating painful canonical events.  I don't want an overall dark or hopeless tone, though bittersweet is okay, and I don't want the content to go darker than canon.


Read more... )

Squicks, DNWs, etc.

The big one:  For personal reasons, I'd prefer that stories avoid issues of infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth, unwanted or resented pregnancies (like "This was your idea! I never even wanted kids!" not "Man, I miss keeping my food down" -- the latter is fine) or pregnancies gone wrong in some way.  Happy, healthy, wanted pregnancy is the only kind I want to see.  You don't need to go anywhere near the topic of pregnancy!  I'm only addressing this because a couple of canons that I request touch on the topic, which is a sensitive one for me.

Also DNW:
Read more... )

Long Live the Queen || Elodie

Elodie and a number of her potential partners )

Ore Monogatari || Suna, Takeo, Yamato

The main trio )

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying || Kaoru and Hajime

Isn't marriage beautiful? )

Final Fantasy VI || Terra

Every time I think I'm out of things to say about FF6... )

Tiger & Bunny || Any

Prompts for ALL THE HEROES. )

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis/ Rage of Bahamut: Genesis || Favaro, Amira, Kaisar, Rita
(caution: spoilers)

Placed at the end for reasons of spoilers, but written just after finishing the series )

OKAY.  I cannot possibly think of anything else to add, thank God.  I'm the same name everywhere - [ profile] Lirillith or [ profile] lirillith though the Tumblr is probably of limited utility.  I think anon should be on here if you need to ask something.
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Art things: I have an insatiable appetite for characters messing with or styling each other's hair, holding hands, dancing, laughing together, or snuggling, as seems appropriate for the duo (i.e. obviously some characters and pairings are much less inclined to cuddle, dance, etc. than others.)  I love limited palettes -- I will never get tired of the palette challenge as it circulates around Tumblr and Twitter -- but I'm having a hard time thinking of other technical elements I tend to like. 

About other ships: Although I'm obviously a multi-shipper for the most part, I do have some vehement DNW pairings, so it's probably best to avoid background pairings or mentions of ships that aren't the focus of the fic.  Also, just because I ship two people with the same person doesn't mean I ship them *at the same time,* so please, no threesomes or poly unless it's something I've actually requested.

Wants:  Happy people who can and do have fun together and make each other laugh; awkwardness and imperfection in general, both in sex and in the early stages of a relationship; established couples who retain the same patterns of bickering or teasing they had before they got together; but at the same time, I like to see how relationships can adjust your behavior and how someone can let a hard exterior crack a bit without totally shedding it; give-and-take in sex and the rest of life, not one partner taking charge while the other's passive.

DNWs:  Infidelity, noncon/dubcon, excessive focus on bodily fluids (at all, but especially not fluids that wouldn't traditionally turn up in sex) or smells.  Or feet.  No foot fetish.  I'm down with smut but I'm not a big fan of kink fic or BDSM. I actively dislike settling-for-second-best in ship fics -- no "he'd rather be with someone else" or two people hooking up because they're both in love with a third party they can't have. 


Please, no background ships; this is one fandom where there are some pairings I'd very much rather not see.  I'd be open to AUs using either of the ending sequences, Splash Free or Future Fish, either fic or art, for any of these pairings, especially since the recently-released Momo and Nitori mook has elaborated on their Future Fish role and given one to Gou as well.

Nagisa/Gou, Nagisa/Rin, Sousuke/Gou, Sousuke/Nitori )

Tiger & Bunny

T&B specific requests: Since it's an English-speaking setting, please no Japanese honorifics or terminology unless it's coming from Ivan.  And I prefer male pronouns for Nathan.

Nathan/Antonio, Barnaby/Karina, Kotetsu/Karina/Barnaby, Pao-lin/Kaede )

Ace Attorney

I haven't played AAI2 or read full spoilers for it.  Or PL vs. AA, for that matter.  Everything else is fair game.  Please treat Edgeworth and Franziska as a sibling relationship if it comes up.

Gumshoe/Franziska, Edgeworth/Gumshoe, Phoenix/Franziska, Apollo/Juniper )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

I was familiar with the game's story before the NA release but I've also played it on the Vita, so my use of surnames for most characters is more about habit than preference.  Use whatever works best for you.  (Though I do have something of a preference for Gundam's overblown diction in Oren's translation, compared to the somewhat simplified dialog of the NISA version.) 

Sonia/Gundam, Hinata/Nanami, Nidai/Akane )

I hope that helps somewhat!
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EDIT as of Nov 2: Updated with additional prompts for everything.  I'm also game for Yuleporn, so if that interests you, you can see my comment here.

Hello, writer! I hope this isn't too intimidatingly long — my prompts are always just suggestions, because some of the best gifts I've ever received have been things I didn't prompt. This letter is hopefully finished, but I've been writing it in fits and spurts while traveling and I may decide to tinker with it further once I'm back home (which shouldn't be too long after assignments go out.) I hope what I have here is helpful and not just wasted verbiage, and I hope if it's too much you feel free to ignore it.

If you want to check out some of my other fandom activity, I use the same name everywhere — [ profile] lirillith and [ profile] lirillith — but since the kind of fic I write is not totally representative of the type of fic I want to read, and my Tumblr has a lot of landscape photos, food porn, and reblogs about Free! and Ace Attorney, it may not help you much with what you want to know to write a fic.

Fic preferences )

DNWs )

One final thing: I've written extensively for some of these fandoms (and not at all for others, which isn't a favoritism thing) so if we matched on one of those, please don't feel like that means you need to make use of my interpretations of characters or relationships. You can if you want — I mean, who doesn't like it when people agree with them? — but the whole reason I'm making requests is because I want to read someone else's fic and someone else's take on the canon. My fics may give you an idea of the kind of thing I like and the way I think about fic, but they're not a complete picture. There are many things I like to read that I can't write or just haven't written yet.

Tiger & Bunny || Request: Nathan Seymour

I'm going to copy-and-paste my enthusiasm about this series from last year, because it hasn't changed.

Tiger & Bunny: I love this show for its superhero worldbuilding (who pays for the property damage? Corporate sponsors!) its tremendously likable cast, its idealistic take on heroics despite all the advertising, and its gorgeous, fascinating setting. If you're in the US, the entire show can be watched subbed on Hulu, and selected dubbed episodes are also available.

Nathan! )

Log Horizon || Request: Naotsugu and Marielle

I played MMORPGs for years (World of Warcraft primarily, with forays into LOTRO and most recently FF14) and the fantastic worldbuilding of Elder Tale both as a game and as a world is probably my favorite part. I watch this show with my husband, and we've been known to pause the series to check a character's level or to make note of the composition of a raid.

Log Horizon )

Arkham Horror || Jim Culver, Marie Lambeau

My favorite part of this game before I played it was the character bios, the idea of the ragtag band of investigators being drawn into this apocalyptic scenario. My favorite part now that I have played it is the experience of playing it, with a group that may not be min-maxing but definitely is having fun with the experience.  I apologize if you're a Lovecraft enthusiast and you got matched to me! 

Arkham Horror )

Silver Spoon || Any (Aikawa Shinnosuke, Hachiken Yugo, Inada Tamako, Mikage Aki)

It's very difficult for me to articulate what I like about Silver Spoon. I tend to just yell "THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD! HOW IS IT SO GOOD?" a lot. I love Hiromu Arakawa's writing. I mean, that's what it boils down to. I love the characters. I also love cheese, so there's that.

Silver Spoon )

Sakura and Aoi

Dangan Ronpa || Oogami Sakura and Asahina Aoi

The characters are at the heart of my love for Dangan Ronpa — I mean, especially these two, one of my biggest OTPs ever, but all the characters. Each one of them feels like the protagonist of a completely different series, which is part of why I exempt the Dangan Ronpas from my usual "no AUs" preferences; in a way it feels like each of them is in an AU already. Aoi and Sakura are the protagonists of two different sports series, stuck in a murder-game AU; Yamada got lost on his way to Genshiken; Celes wandered in from, idk, Liar Game, from what I hear? Part of what makes the deaths hurt the way they do is that it feels a bit like each character should be in a different series, one they're actually prepared for.

Dangan Ronpa. Spoilers! )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 || Request: Owari Akane

If it's hard to talk about Dangan Ronpa without spoilers, it's almost impossible for SDR2. A lot of what I said about the first game also goes for the second, but if anything, I love SDR2's cast even more: Gundam! Chiaki! Sonia! Ibuki! But Akane won out, this time.

Akane! SDR2 spoilers. Maybe some DR ones too. )

I think that's everything I'd want to say. I can't promise I'll love whatever you write, because it's certainly possible to write things I don't love, but going by past experience in fic exchanges, the odds I'll love what you write are pretty dang good. I hope my letter's somewhat helpful to you, and I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to write in the end!
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I think this is finished, and now it's pretty long. 

Likes and Dislikes )

Prompts are always just suggestions. 
I've tried to come up with a few pairing-specific ideas for each ship, but if they're too vague or you just don't like them, you can refer back to my likes/dislikes and strike out on your own. 

Ace Attorney


For any of these ships, I'd be more than happy with casefic alongside the pairing developing, but that's not one of my own strengths, so I'm sort of leaving that in your hands.  I realize I could do better on art prompts for this fandom -- I'll try to come up with ideas over the next few days, so if you're an artist matched on this, please do check back.

Details and prompts )

Tiger & Bunny


A couple of notes:   The source may be in Japanese but English is clearly used in the setting, so please no Japanese honorifics or untranslated terms in fics?  And I prefer "he" for Nathan and "she" for Pao-lin; I don't read either character as non-binary and I've yet to encounter a gender-neutral pronoun, including singular "they," that works for me for more than a sentence or two at a time.

Prompts and ideas )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

    Sonia Nevermind/Tanaka Gundam
    Hinata Hajime/Nanami Chiaki
    Nidai Nekomaru/Owari Akane

Note: The choice is yours about things like name order and honorifics. No need to stick to Orenronen convention if it's awkward for you to write that way.

Prompts )

Like I  said at the start -- all these prompts are just meant as suggestions, a jumping-off point, not as "these are the only things that would make me happy." 
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The Super Dangan Ronpa 2 spoiler no-man's-land section of the letter, to be specific.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. )
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Okay, I think this letter may finally be finished -- so if you looked in on it before March 2, there have been changes!

Likes, dislikes, squicks, etc. )

Ace Attorney

    Franziska von Karma
    Athena Cykes
    Trucy Wright

Ace Attorney is the newest-to-me of these fandoms.  I've been chain-playing the series since sometime this past fall, and I've mostly steered clear of fanfic — including the kinkmeme — so if I apologize in advance if I'm asking you to revisit well-worn ideas with any of my prompts.  It's all new to me!  And while I'm giving the kind of character-interaction-driven prompts that I, personally, find easiest to work with, I'd love casefic (trialfic?) too. 

Prompts )

Tiger & Bunny

    Agnes Joubert
    Huang Pao-Lin | Dragon Kid
    Kaburagi Kaede
    Kaburagi Tomoe
    Karina Lyle | Blue Rose

I love T&B so much — the clever take on superheroics, the beautifully developed cast of characters, the gorgeous setting — but my biggest complaint about the fandom is the lack of focus on anyone other than Kotetsu and Barnaby.  That's why I asked for absolutely everybody.  There is literally no one on the list I don't want more fic about. 

Specifics and characters )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

    Nanami Chiaki
    Owari Akane
    Sonia Nevermind

I'm fully spoiled for this game, so I'd love something incorporating late-game info and developments, but I'd also love something set earlier in the game!  One of my favorite things about this game, in comparison to the first Dangan Ronpa, is the way that all the interrelationships among  the cast are developed, so I'd be more than happy with interaction among any combination of these girls.  Nanami helping Sonia with the language in a horror VN, or introducing Akane to DDR or something else active?  Sonia and Akane... well, I may be getting into late-game spoilers with my prompts for that combo. As I did with my Yuletide letter, I'm putting that part in a separate post.


Oct. 7th, 2013 07:50 pm
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Greetings, mystery writer and any random browsers – I hope you like massive rambling walls of text! But if not, don't worry. My prompts are meant to be jumping-off points, not a list of demands. If you saw the requested character(s) and started getting ideas before even clicking on my letter, go for that. Some of the best gifts I've received were for ideas I'd never have thought of on my own.

Another thing I should add: I talk about ships a lot in some of these sections.  Please don't feel you need to cram in a pairing when you just want to write about a friendship or a family relationship!  Or write characters pursuing evildoers or uncovering conspiracies or what-have-you.  You really don't need to shoehorn in romance to make me happy.  If my prompts and discussions sound very centered on characters and relationships, that's just the way I tend to think about fandom, not completely reflective of what I'd be happy to read.

Likes, dislikes, etc. )

Tiger & Bunny:
I love this show for its superhero worldbuilding (who pays for the property damage?  Corporate sponsors!) its tremendously likable cast, its idealistic take on heroics despite all the advertising, and its gorgeous, fascinating setting. If you're in the US, the entire show can be watched subbed on Hulu, and selected dubbed episodes are also available.

Tiger & Bunny cast

Karina fic! )

Astro City
: Another series I love for its superhero worldbuilding, fascinating setting, idealistic take on superheroics, and huge and intriguing cast of characters. 



Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay: Going in the opposite direction from superhero worldbuilding, to the people who create the superheroes... Except all the characters live out some of the same issues of identity and self-invention, even if Joe's the one with the full, deglamorized superhero experience. 

I still don't think these are terribly useful prompts, but... )

Dangan Ronpa
: I would never have anticipated I'd get so emotional about murderous high-school students in a game I still have not actually played firsthand.  The Let's Play is available here; I haven't read the manga version or Dangan Ronpa IF yet.

Kirigiri, Celes, Aoi, Sakura )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2: And speaking of murderous high school students who make me very emotional...

Some of my requests for this fandom are spoilery as fuck. So spoilery that, in consideration of the fact that many people are sticking to Orenronen's translation and some of them may be reading this letter, I'm putting the bulk of the requests for this game in an entirely separate entry. Don't click on the link to it unless you’ve read or played the entirety of Super Dangan Ronpa 2.   The Orenronen translation is mirrored on Tumblr, and in the full-spoilers section I have links to the further-along LPs I used for reference.

I have some spoiler-free prompts, too )

And now that this letter is more than long enough to be a Yuletide fic in its own right, or maybe three Yuletide fics, I'm shutting up.  I hope this overabundance of chatter is helpful rather than paralyzing, and I hope you enjoy writing -- it's always a little scary but it shouldn't be stressful!  There are lots of things I like, in that giant wad of verbiage up there.  You could probably ignore all of them and find a completely new one by accident.

While at one point it wasn't, anon commenting is now turned on if you have questions.
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Behind the cut, significant endgame spoilers for Super Dangan Ronpa 2.
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Hello, writer, and thank you in advance for wanting to write one of these pairings!  I just want to say, right off the bat, that number of prompts does not indicate favoritism.  I'm not sure what it does indicate, exactly.  The number of ideas I have for fics I might write myself someday?  The prompts, where I managed to produce any, are just meant to be a jumping-off point, anyway, not a demand for a certain type of fic. 

I shuffled the order of my requests from the signup order so as to stick the worst spoilers toward the end.  All the sections will contain some spoilers for that canon, but Dangan Ronpa's prompts make reference to the big final-chapter twist.  If you don't know who the Mastermind is, and think you may someday care, try not to read that part.

Likes, dislikes, squicks, and preferences )

Tiger & Bunny

Pao-lin/Karina, Pao-lin/Kaede, Kaede/Karina )

Pretty Cure Series

Itsuki/Tsubomi and Mana/Regina )

Dangan Ronpa

Sakura/Aoi, Celes/Junko, Celes/Kyouko )
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First off: The prompts for all of these are just meant to help you with ideas if you need them.  If some other idea grabs you, go for it!  They're guidelines, not rules, you know?  In general, I ship pairings because I think they'd make each other happy and be good for each other, not because they're so fascinatingly fucked-up or dysfunctional.  With one exception (which I'll note in the description of that pairing) I'd strongly prefer a happy or hopeful ending for the pairing.

Final Fantasy VI: Locke/Terra, Setzer/Celes

FF6 )

Tiger & Bunny:
 Nathan/Antonio, Pao-lin/Karina, Karina/Kotetsu, Karina/Barnaby, Karina/Kotetsu/Barnaby

T&B ships )

Dangan Ronpa:  Sakura/Aoi, Celes/Yamada, Kirigiri/Naegi/Togami

Beware of spoilers, those of you who may be holding out for the anime. )

General likes and dislikes, squicks, etc.

The lists )
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I think this is done now, though I'm sure there will be some minor tweaks over time.

Tiger & Bunny: Karina, Nathan, and Pao-lin

T&B specifics )

Final Fantasy VI
: Terra Branford

FF6 specifics )

.hack//SIGN: BT and Bear

BT forever! )

Heartcatch Precure
: Itsuki, Tsubomi, Erika, and Yuri

Not much that wasn't in my signup )

Suikoden III: Zexen Knights

I'm a giant fangirl for Chris Lightfellow )

General likes and dislikes

General likes and dislikes )
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First of all, apologies if I've screwed up or misunderstood the rules in some way: the only other exchange I've participated in is Yuletide, and I believe the matching on this one is different.  If I start talking about prompts for characters you don't want to write on the fandom we matched, feel free to ignore that part, since on most of these I'm pretty flexible and would be fine with any combination of nominated characters.  I'm not trying to game the system, I'm genuinely confused by it.  While I'm mostly in the market for character-centric gen (or in some cases femslash) I do have some het ships and favored male characters I'll mention.  Obviously those are all optional, so please don't take that to mean I don't actually want fic centering on the women!

If you find yourself regretting the fandom match and wanting to switch, I can't really help you with the availability of Suikoden games or FF6, nor can I hook you up with a level 86 character so you can do Li Li's quests in World of Warcraft, but I can tell you that Tiger & Bunny (a superhero action/dramedy) and Madoka Magica (a very dark magical girl anime) are both available subtitled on Hulu, if you have access to that.  T&B is 25 episodes long and Madoka Magica is 12. 

Touching on some other things that some people feel strongly about:  Use whatever narrative tense or POV you want.  I don't have any triggers to speak of, though I really, really, really hate scenes of public humiliation.  I get annoyed with Japanese honorifics and terminology used in non-Japanese settings (i.e. Tiger & Bunny,) though I can take or leave it in Japanese settings and I've used them myself.  Another thing I can take or leave is extra-canon info (spin-off or tie-in works, adaptations in other media, interviews with the creators.)  They can give some fun info to use to embroider the world, but I hate when people act like they're irrefutable canon or use them to stifle fan theories and speculation, i.e. "that's a neat idea but the writers SAID..."  As far as I'm concerned, canon is what's onscreen, not what's in the game guide or on the character designer's blog or the director's Twitter.

Things I like are pretty much covered in the prompts, but in general, I enjoy world-building, meta about the functioning of the world (its magic system, the superhero industry in T&B, etc.) domesticity that doesn't erase canon personalities (when I talk about domesticity, I'm thinking more of bickering about the dishes than about smooching while shopping for curtains,) sex that's awkward or silly, people who enjoy each other's company and laugh together whether they're platonic friends or lovers and whether they're sharing a meal or having sex, and maybe most of all, people finding ways to reach hope and contentment despite having been to hell and back. 

Tiger & Bunny: Pao-lin Huang and Karina Lyle )

Final Fantasy VI: Terra Branford ) 

Suikoden: Cleo )

Suikoden III: Aila )

Madoka Magica: Kaname Junko and Saotome Kazuko )

World of Warcraft: Li Li Stormstout )
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