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Title:  Gretna Green
Fandom:  Cinders
Pairing: Cinders/Perrault
Word count:  500 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nada
Summary: Cinders and Perrault get drunk and wake up married.  Written for the "accidental marriage" square of trope bingo, and played absolutely straight.

What she didn’t remember was the precise origin of the gold band on the fourth finger of her left hand, though she could make an educated guess. )
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Title:  Wisdom
Fandom:  Cinders
Characters:  Sophia and Cinders; implied Sophia/Basile
Word count:  ~1100 words
Rating: G
Warnings:  None
Summary: Sophia knows better than to trust easily, but her stepsister seems to have matchmaking on her mind.
Notes:  A Yuletide treat for [ profile] Ember_Keelty 

She knew better, even though the prince's smiles, and his shocked, stifled laughter when she was too original, seemed sincere enough. )
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Title: The Way to the Library
Fandom: Cinders
Characters/pairing: Basile, Sophia (pre-relationship)
Word count: 1100
Rating: G
Summary: Basile is intrigued by his hostess's younger sister, after making her acquaintance at the ball.
Notes: Inspired by the Sophia/Basile prompt on this post.  Set post- Independent Woman ending, and if that doesn't make any sense to you, the fic probably won't either.

'She's quite the reader.' )
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