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Title: Fortune Favors
Fandom: FFVI/Dangan Ronpa
Characters: Celestia Ludenberg/Setzer Gabbiani
Word count: ~1k
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Celes finds her way onto the Blackjack at last.

'Counting cards, Mademoiselle Ludenberg?' )
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Title: Lady Luck
Fandom: FFVI/Dangan Ronpa fusion
Characters: Celestia Ludenberg
Word count: 350
Rating: PG
Warnings: A small spoiler in the form of Celes’s real first name.
Summary: A young woman walks away from Narshe, and Celestia Ludenberg is born.
Notes: Sort of a fusion-crossover, in that Dangan Ronpa characters coexist with the FF6 cast in FF6's world.

Celestia was from Doma, or Nikeah, or Jidoor, but she wasn’t about to say. )
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