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Title: The Holly and the Ivy
Fandom: Heartcatch Precure
Characters: Tsubomi, her family
Word count: 100 words
Rating: G
Warnings: Ending spoilers, if you consider it a spoiler that the Precure win.
They saved the world on Christmas.
Yuletide drabble.

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Title: Floriography
Fandom: Heartcatch Precure
Characters: Itsuki/Tsubomi
Word count: ~2300
Rating: G
Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff
Summary: Itsuki thinks she has the perfect way to confess her feelings to Tsubomi. Now she just needs to put it into practice.
Notes: Rarepair Fest gift for
[ profile] DarkSeraphim.

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Title: Hellebore, Aloe, and Thistle
Fandom: Heartcatch Precure
Characters: Dark Cure and ensemble
Word count: ~3600
Rating: PG
Warnings: Canon character death, end-of-series spoilers
Summary: Dark Cure survives, and learns to live in the world she was created to destroy.
Notes: A Parallels treat for [ profile] VampirePaladin . 

The place they take her after the battle is warm, humid, teeming with life; it probably never occurs to them that she might find it inhospitable. )
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