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Title: Birds of a Feather
Fandoms: Tiger & Bunny, The Incredibles
Characters: Most of the main cast of The Incredibles, Kotetsu, Tomoe, and Kaede Kaburagi, Barnaby Brooks Jr., Antonio Lopez
Pairings: Kotetsu/Tomoe, Bob/Helen, Kotetsu/Barnaby
Word count: 13k
Rating: PG
Warnings: The fic begins before Kaede is born, so Tomoe's death is part of the narrative.
Summary: Glimpses of a friendship between two superhero families that lasts through the better part of two decades and sees them all through more ups and downs than they ever expected.
Notes: I used the timeline from This is Sternbild: Kaede's birth is in 1968 (I gave her a fall birthdate,) Tomoe dies in 1972, Kotetsu and Barnaby team up in late NC 1977, defeat Jake around the end of NC 1977/beginning of 1978, and the final arc of the series takes place in December 1978. The final scenes of the series take place on Christmas Eve, 1979.

'Elastigirl, it's great to meet you. And I see you've met my wife and daughter. Or son, but probably daughter.' )
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