lirillith: Midgar (Midgar)

Title: Scientifically Interesting
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Characters: Cecil/Carlos
Word count: ~1500
Rating: R?  There’s detailed examination of genitals but not actually anything terribly sexual going on.
Warnings: Tentacles, detailed examination of genitalia, two guys not actually doing it yet, and it’s yet another Cecil-has-tentacles fic, because I didn’t realize that was overdone when I wrote this.
Summary: Carlos discovers that Cecil isn't as ordinary as he'd appeared up till now. Not that he minds that much.
Notes: I decided I could fill the “tentacles” square on my kink bingo card with this.

'Huh,' Carlos says, before he can stop himself. He knows he should just leave it at that — it's bad enough to get an expression of bemused surprise the first time your boyfriend removes your boxers — but the words keep tumbling out. )
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