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Title: Last Straw
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Characters: Hobart/Greely
Length: 453 words
Rating: PG
Notes:  Somehow, I got from "hey, Hobart's running around doing Molten Front dailies" to this.  Go figure. 

'Do you remember this time?' )
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Title: Dramatic Revelations
Fandom: World of Warcraft
Characters: Hobart and Greely
Word count: 2,222
Summary: Things Hobart only tells her when they're about to die.
Warnings: None to speak of (cartoon violence, maybe?)
Notes: For [personal profile] wallwalker 's prompt at [community profile] fic_promptly .  It got slightly out of hand.  Slightly. 

'All the ways to get yourself killed in this lab, and none of them convert to weapons.' )
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