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Title: For the Road
Fandom:  Final Fantasy VI
Pairing: Locke/Terra; mentions of Locke/Celes and Locke/Rachel
Word count:  ~6500 words
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Mentions of violence
Summary:  It's not the first time they've pretended to be married, but this time it's Terra's idea, and it takes Locke by surprise.
Notes:  Prompted by Suzume and finished for my Trope Bingo “fake relationship” square.  There will be a sequel once Trope Bingo and Rare Women are finished.

'Let’s be married. It’s warmer sharing a bed anyway.' )
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Title: Even Here We Are
Fandom:  Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Ensemble
Word count:  ~5k words
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Mentions of violence
Summary:  A handful of vignettes from an alternate version of FF6's world in which everyone has a daemon, an external embodiment of the soul.
Notes:  This is a Daemon AU, essentially a fusion using the concept of daemons - embodied, external souls - from Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. Everyone has a daemon, which in childhood can take any form but settles, generally around the time the child reaches puberty, into a fixed form that in some way reflects the individual's personality and identity.  Additional notes on Tumblr.

Needless to say, Locke's daemon is a magpie. )
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Title: What the Cat Dragged In
Fandom:  Tiger and Bunny
Characters: Barnaby, Kotetsu, brief appearances by Karina, Antonio, Nathan, and Yuri
Word count:  ~3400 words
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Nope
Summary:  A rogue NEXT turns Kotetsu into a cat.
Notes:  Written for the "animal transformation" square for Trope Bingo. Unexplored elements: How Barnaby’s going to react when he realizes Kotetsu can’t flush the toilet after himself as a cat; Kotetsu destroying Barnaby’s belongings because he’s bored; Barnaby holding ‘And then you got so into chasing the laser pointer that you ran at full-speed into the wall’ over Kotetsu’s head for the rest of their lives.

The old man was exactly the same as a cat, if considerably more dainty. )
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Title: It Takes a Village
Fandom:  Tiger and Bunny
Characters: Ivan, Pao-lin, Sam (the mayor's young son) and ensemble; Ivan/Pao-lin pre-relationship in the background
Word count:  ~8k words
Rating: PG
Warnings:  Ivan's nearly 20 and Pao-lin's not yet 16, if attraction with that age difference bothers you
Summary:  A little over a year after their first adventure with him, the heroes are asked to babysit Sam again.  This time, Ivan and Pao-lin are in charge of him.
Notes:  Written for the Trope Bingo "accidental baby acquisition" square.  Set circa episode 14, or just a bit before; T&B are busy being the hottest stars of Hero TV, Sam's about a year and a half old, and Ivan may have gained some confidence but still doesn't know how to talk to girls.

Sam made a little hiccuping, unhappy noise; his lower lip was quivering visibly. Ivan flung himself on the toy bag like it was a grenade. )
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Title: Dress For the Occasion
Fandom:  Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Characters: Madoka-centric, mentions of Sayaka, Mami and Homura
Word count:  ~600 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing
Summary:  In turn-of-the-century Mitakihara, Madoka thinks about magical-girl costumes.
Notes:  I knew I didn't have the time or inclination to do a true period piece examining tons of historical nuance, and the Madoka girls live in a world that isn't all that tied into its history in a lot of ways; I felt like I could transplant them to another era and most of the changes would be cosmetic, provided they still had the freedom to run around together and attend school, and in Kyoko's case, practice Christianity with some degree of openness, though she doesn't appear here.  If I was going to do a costume piece, I might as well tackle a canonical instance of a character being very involved with the costumes.  Besides that, my first anime/manga fandom was Rurouni Kenshin; I know that Japanese creators frequently mangle the hell out of the Meiji era, so that made me feel a touch less guilty about any mangling I'd inflict.

If you could use magic to look however you wanted, why wouldn’t you? )
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Title:  Karina the Vampire Slayer
Fandom:  Tiger & Bunny
Characters: Karina, Kotetsu, Nathan, Ben; mentions of many more
Word count:  1600 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: None to speak of. 
Summary: Karina Lyle, the newest Slayer, is notified of her destiny by two of her teachers on her first day of high school.  She really doesn't take it well at all.
Notes: For the "vamp/were/supernatural" square on my Trope Bingo card, despite the fact no actual vampires appear in the story.  Like the steampunk AU, I have everyone's roles figured out for a much longer AU fic I may never write; this is just meant to set up the universe.

She kept having creepy recurring dreams: some tattooed guy with pink hair who turned out to be a vampire, an old man with glasses instead of eyes, a snake with its tail in its mouth, cowled figures carrying torches. )
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Title:  Rule 34
Fandom:  Tiger & Bunny
Characters: Ivan, Pao-lin, Karina
Word count:  3300 words
Rating: R
Warnings: NSFW; mention of underage characters appearing in written/drawn porn
Summary: Ivan discovers Hero TV fandom and finds it kind of unsettling.
Notes: Written for the hooker/porn/stripper square for my Trope Bingo card.  A few of the pieces of fanart described are composites based on art I saw on Pixiv; all the fanfics are entirely imaginary, and any resemblance to any real fics, WIP or completed, is purely coincidental. 
He should ABSOLUTELY NOT go looking for Japanese fanart. )
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Title:  Sum Of Its Parts
Fandom:  Tiger & Bunny
Characters: Kotetsu, Antonio, Barnaby, Karina
Word count:  just under 1k words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nope
Summary: Kotetsu's days as a rock star are behind him, as far as he's concerned, but fate has other ideas.
Notes: Written for the Trope Bingo square "Band AU;" not sure if Kotetsu and Tomoe had Kaede in this universe. 

Of course your group had real chemistry when you'd been together since you were in high school, and you were harmonizing with your wife, and the three of you could all finish each other's sentences. )
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Title:  Necessity Knows No Law
Fandom:  Tiger & Bunny
Characters: Barnaby, Saito, Kotetsu, cameo appearances by many others
Word count:  3,000 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nada
Summary: Barnaby Brooks Jr. is only casually interested in the new technology, developed by engineers like his parents, that's rapidly transforming Stern Bild and the rest of the world; all he wants is to solve his parents' murder.  To that end, with assistance from his guardian, he joins the ranks of the masked, costumed crime-fighters who've captured the public's imagination despite the way they operate on the edges of the law. 
Notes:  A Tiger & Bunny steampunk AU, written for [community profile] trope_bingo.  A very different setup for the present-day heroes and a somewhat different background for superheroics in general (and for Albert Maverick’s business empire.)

The business of costumed adventurers — Good Samaritans, masked vigilantes, heroes — was an odd hybrid of lawlessness and frontier justice, a creation almost unique to Stern Bild.  )
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