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Apparently I did WAY THE HELL too much research for the Cleopatra fic, but I like to be sure I have what I need.

Unused research in here )
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I suspect I'm going to end up writing something much longer than a commentfic...

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As I continue to rampage through the PMMM prompts at[community profile] fic_promptly, I think I'll meter out my posting here of the the remaining fics I've written this week, and take a break to talk about the fact I'm writing at all. 

This is kind of new for me, for several reasons.  Thoughts on having a new fandom. )
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I love the tagging system.  Ages ago, I remember posting on my writing journal about what constitutes gen.  When I write a fic about Locke and Terra with no distinct romantic bent, but thoroughly focused on the importance of their relationship, is that gen?  Even though they're my OTP?    Now I can just whap the "pre-relationship" tag on it!  Problem solved!  I also enjoy some of the silly content tags, like sticking the "airships" tag on many of my Setzer fics. 

But every time I see the "female characters" tag, I wonder why it exists.  My profile has 33 fics included; only 7 of those have an exclusively male POV (not counting ones with multiple points-of-view, both male and female.)  All of them feature a female character in some context.  And my two primary fandoms are games with predominantly male casts.  I mean, I realize a lot of slash-heavy fandoms don't have much fic about female characters at all, but I find the whole idea of writing female characters so seldom that you tag them as something out of the ordinary to be really alien. 

I really don't write male POVs often.  It's not so much out of discomfort or fearing that the male POV will be unconvincing, anymore - it's just that female characters are usually my gateway into the material.  Maybe once I get to writing Tiger & Bunny fic that'll change, I dunno.  
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I got an AO3 account a while back, and I finally decided to tackle putting things on it.  Which is a lot more daunting than it probably ought to be. 

In which I am daunted. Repeatedly. )

And now, to commence worrying over other tags that aren't there yet; how do I mark a fic as being about Setzer's relationships with Daryl, Maria, and Celes?  Neither Daryl nor Maria has a last name; Daryl doesn't even have a consistent spelling for her first name!  Resolved!  "Maria (Final Fantasy VI)" is a tag, huzzah, and just plain Daryl seems to be in use in FF6 tags.

The current tags have name order as Celes/Setzer, and while I never thought of it this way, I do care about name order a tad.  Even though I know it's silly. )

So my account, which will be acquiring more fics as time goes by, is [ profile] lirillith , which I just announced because I wanted to see the neat little AO3 icon.  
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Sooo. This thing.

I have a handful (maybe a dozen?) short fics left to repost. Unfortunately, many aren't all that good, and I'm not sure how many I actually want to salvage. I'm also debating whether I'd like to move some fics from the Vole-Pit over here; I did move one, but there are plenty more in the under-10k category.

I wasn't totally sure at first what I wanted to do with this. I have two DW journals now, this one and [personal profile] liri. The latter holds the archive of my entire primary LJ going back to... 2003? It kind of makes sense for that to be the continuation of the "lirillith" LJ and this to be the continuation of my writing journal. At one point, I considered making this a more general fandom journal, but a lot of the folks who followed my main journal liked it when I wrote about stuff like the anime I was watching.

My discomfort about LJ wasn't just "I don't know if these folks deserve my money." There was also some social anxiety involved; I was not about to put fanfic, or even just talking-about-fanfic, where my husband and our housemate could easily find and read it. I didn't want to shut real-life friends and acquaintances out of all of my online stuff, but I did want to have a space where I could post and not feel too constrained about "oh no people who live in my house can read this." Just turning my writing journal into a not-just-writing journal wasn't ideal, because of the whole not-giving-LJ-money element constricting my icon choices.

Making this a writing-only journal isn't necessarily a great option either, though. I have a few fics I'm working on, but I really miss things like 15minuteficlets and drabble communities. I've found a few writing-prompt comms on DW, but they seem to mostly have original fic, even if the comm info indicates fanfic is also welcome. I'd feel a little uncomfortable busting in with the first fanfic posted in the comm. I feel like I shouldn't swipe prompts from prompt communities on LJ if I'm not going to post the fic there; and since I want to get the hell out of Dodge, I won't be posting things to LJ communities. I'm pretty sure my OpenID will not let me make community postings. I could really use something to spur me to write, though.

But that's the state of things at the moment. Fanfic here; posting about day-to-day stuff, anime I've viewed, things I've read, games I'm playing (Suikoden V!) over at [personal profile] liri.
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