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Rare Pair Fest letter

I think this is finished, and now it's pretty long. 

Things I like in art (that is, shippy art):  Emotion -- they're not just standing together, they're touching or holding each other, and you can see from facial expression/body language that they're really into each other.  Characters messing with, brushing, braiding, etc. each other's hair.  Dancing.  Relatedly, characters in formal clothing.  Holding hands.  People making each other laugh or smile.  Snuggling/cuddling/etc.  I enjoy clothing swaps, too, at least when that would make sense -- like, Sakura and Aoi can't really wear each other's clothes.  Or partial clothing swaps, like one character borrowing the other's jacket or glasses.  NSFW is fine by me too!

Since I  feel like this is incredibly vague and all-over-the-place, I'm throwing in some examples of favorite art of some of these pairings in hopes that will help; it's often easier for me to talk about what I don't want to see than what I do, and visual description doesn't come very naturally to me.

Things I like in fic: I find this a lot harder to quantify?  Maybe because I look at art more than I read fic.  In general, I'm going to want things to end on a happy/hopeful/they're-closer-to-getting-together note, but exceptions will be noted.  I'm totally down with pre-relationship UST/bonding/flirting, which is probably the kind of shippy fic I write the most myself.  I enjoy domesticity and established-relationship stuff, bickering, and the early stages of a relationship when things are new and confusing and simultaneously great and really really awkward.  On that note, if you feel like writing smut, I like my smut awkward as HELL.  I don't like seeing it called bad sex -- the kind of sex where you can laugh together when one of you falls off the bed is the best sex, but it's not necessarily the most romantic, I guess. I don't think that counts as a kink... I will say, though, if Karina's not using her superpowers during sex, she totally should be.

Things I don't like: I'm not the kinkiest of fans, or at least I don't know what my kinks are to enumerate them/kinks vary by pairing.  I'm not keen on projection of an afterlife where there isn't a clearly defined one in canon (i.e. we know there's one in Ace Attorney, but not in T&B.)  I'm more open to cracky ideas, crossovers and AUs in art than I am in fic, and I'm picky about which I like, but Dangan Ronpa/SDR2 (is DR in my signup?  Even I don't know anymore) can be considered open season on AUs.

Do Not Want: Excessive use and abuse of bodily fluids and effluvia; non-consensual sexual contact between members of any of these ships; violence beyond the level of canon

Prompts are always just suggestions. 
I've tried to come up with a few pairing-specific ideas for each ship, but if they're too vague or you just don't like them, you can refer back to my likes/dislikes and strike out on your own. 

Ace Attorney


For any of these ships, I'd be more than happy with casefic alongside the pairing developing, but that's not one of my own strengths, so I'm sort of leaving that in your hands.  I realize I could do better on art prompts for this fandom -- I'll try to come up with ideas over the next few days, so if you're an artist matched on this, please do check back.

Franziska/Gumshoe: I don't remember all the specific bits and pieces that pinged me this way, but I think it's pretty easy to read Franziska as having a bit of a crush on Gumshoe, "her detective," and from there I figure they'd both be pretty terrible at doing anything about it.  Somehow the idea of Franziska using Azula-style compliments/pickup lines struck me and wouldn't let go, whether she's using them on Gumshoe or Phoenix.  Plus, if a guy has a tie it's really easy to grab him by it, no? ...probably more of an art prompt, there.  I imagine she'd want to clean him up and introduce him to the style of living to which she's accustomed, which clearly wouldn't be at all like his, so there's plenty of potential for conflict or story there if you don't want to deal with the beginning of a relationship, or if you want to draw them both all dressed up, for artists.

Art prompts: Franziska returning his coat to him, post-game 2; Franziska grabs him by the tie and plants a kiss on him; Franziska fussing with Gumshoe's tie and lapels when he's in a tux or a much sharper suit than his usual; Gumshoe making her smile.

My favorite illustration of the two of them (though granted I'm not exactly spoiled for choice)

Franziska/Phoenix: ...actually, many of those Gumshoe prompts would work for Phoenix as well, since he is also taller than her and prone to wearing ties, though I imagine he'd be a bit less confused than Gumshoe about what she was getting at with terrible pickup lines.  She's so hostile it's almost cute, after all. :D  And she was awfully concerned about him after his fall from the bridge.  Or for something very different in tone, maybe she angrily dumps him -- or at least considers it -- when he doesn't fight being disbarred as hard as she would have.  His disgrace would have to hit her hard, I'd think, if they were a couple or even if she just had unrequited feelings for him, especially considering what happened with her father.

Art prompts:

Favorite art and runner-up

Edgeworth/Gumshoe: Gumshoe's devotion and loyalty and ENORMOUS CRUSH on Edgeworth just melt my heart, and I'd like to see Edgeworth returning some of those feelings.  I don't have access to AAI2, so I'd prefer no spoilers for it.  This goes for all the pairings, of course, but since Gumshoe is so often Edgeworth's backup I figured it was most relevant here.  Some of the same class-differential/fish-out-of-water ideas I suggested for Franziska/Gumshoe could work here, as well?  Though I feel like Edgeworth would be a bit more flexible or understanding on that count.

Have a link to my favorite art of these two

Edgeworth/Maya/Phoenix:  I've had at least one longfic featuring these three recced to me but haven't yet read it, so this is based entirely on the fact that while I couldn't ship Maya with either guy as a duo, I just kind of collapsed into a puddle of goo during "Farewell My Turnabout" (y'know, when I wasn't screaming.  These games made me pretty emotional.) Phoenix and Edgeworth I shipped from the very first game, for fairly obvious reasons, while Phoenix and Maya have this awesome friendship (and much like Phoenix himself, I don't always realize how much I love Maya until she's absent or endangered) and Maya and Edgeworth... beyond concern for each other, we don't see them interact directly too much, but they'll always have Steel Samurai fandom?  I'd love to see something about how they navigate their relationships while they're long-distance, or during periods the games don't cover, like the seven-year timeskip. 

Some favorite art:  One, and two

Tiger & Bunny


A couple of notes:   The source may be in Japanese but English is clearly used in the setting, so please no Japanese honorifics or untranslated terms in fics?  And I prefer "he" for Nathan and "she" for Pao-lin; I don't read either character as non-binary and I've yet to encounter a gender-neutral pronoun, including singular "they," that works for me for more than a sentence or two at a time.

Fire/Bison:  This of course is going off the interpretation that it's not so much having his butt grabbed that he minds as having his butt grabbed in public, or maybe it's all an act and they've been banging for years.  Or something else -- I just want somebody else's take on this pair, really. This of course is going off the interpretation that it's not so much having his butt grabbed that he minds as having his butt grabbed in public, or maybe it's all an act and they've been banging for years.  Or something else -- I just want somebody else's take on this pair, really. There's too little fic for this pairing.  Rising had very little to no Nathan/Antonio interaction, so some missing scenes or post-movie fic along those lines would be nice (not sure what else I can say without spoilers...)  Some h/c after the events of Rising -- with Nathan being the one getting more comfort, ideally, but Antonio's in a kind of unhappy place himself -- is probably what I want most, especially since Rising should be obtainable by somewhat dubious means in early July, but like I said, ANYTHING for this couple would delight.

If you're drawing these two I'd prefer something where Antonio's obviously into Nathan and not just acting freaked-out or nervous or screeching because of a surprise grope.  I'm neutral on Nathan-in-a-dress -- he never actually wears one onscreen, and I'd like to see more art where he's wearing either masculine clothes or something more androgynous (like the formal outfit in Rising) but I get the impression slinky dresses are fun to draw, and I've deployed one in smut myself, so if that's your preference, go to town.  And Antonio cleans up pretty nice, so this is one where formalwear art would be pretty awesome.  Or Battle Couple superheroics, or just a quiet domestic moment. Some recently-translated info indicated they both want to have kids, so the two of them raising adorable adopted children would be delightful.  No mpreg, though, please.

Some favorite artwork:  One, two, and three (NSFW)

Fire/Tiger: As with Nathan/Antonio, I'd like to see Kotetsu's concern for Nathan in Rising expanded on, or something post-movie, but beyond that, they've probably been working together for a couple of years already at the start of the series.  People have a lot of fun with Kotetsu's casual, unbothered rejection of the offer to sleep together and the level of comfort that shows, but there's also the fact that a couple of episodes later is the first time Nathan hears about Kotetsu's late wife; even if they were friends or friends-with-benefits, Kotetsu apparently kept him at arms' length on some topics.  I wouldn't mind seeing that, actually, and Kotetsu's walls gradually coming down.

Art: I figure Nathan is going to be pretty handsy and physically affectionate with any boyfriend, so this goes for Antonio, too, but -- hand-holding, kissing, snuggling, hanging over the back of Kotetsu's chair, just being in physical contact as much as possible.  Or having a lot of sweaty sex, obviously. 

Some art favorites: (pending)

Bunny/Rose: Okay, I'm just going to say right now -- please don't be too attached to the audio dramas when it comes to these two.  As far as I can tell, that was what cemented the idea that Barnaby and Karina can't stand each other in fandom's collective mind.  What we actually see in canon (i.e. ON THE SCREEN) is Barnaby being civil and occasionally mildly teasing with Karina, and Karina being a bit prickly with Barnaby as a rival, but no worse than she is with, say, Antonio, or Kotetsu.  I don't like characterization of Barnaby as positively cruel and mean-spirited towards Karina, and while you'd think that'd go without saying in fic that ships them, you never know...

I mean, yeah, they clash.  They're a lot alike, and that usually leads to some friction.  But I'd rather see bickering than hatesex, you know?  And in Rising, the way she talks about him makes me very happy.  As for prompts... bickering is good, and superheroic competition is good. Hell, having it start from rivalry over Kotetsu is fine, as long as that's not where it ends.  I've seen the two of them appearing in ads together as the setup in a couple of doujinshi, or one could end accompany the other to some awards ceremony and have that spark something -- and a red carpet appearance would work well in fanart, too.  They're both absurdly good-looking and they look good together, as well.  I'm always partial to Karina appearing in character as Blue Rose but in clothing other than her hero suit, as with a couple of the formal events in the show, or changing up the Blue Rose hairstyle a bit. 

Or Karina as Catwoman to Barnaby's Batman :P  Karina Lyle rhymes with Selina Kyle, after all.

Favorite art:  The drawings near the end of this 25-page log, or this formal-wear image, or this one.

BTB (Kotetsu/Karina/Barnaby): I love all the component ships here -- Kotetsu/Barnaby, Kotetsu/Karina, Karina/Barnaby -- so I definitely want this with all three of them together and in love with each other.  And jeez, I would love ANYTHING.  Trying to think of ideas beyond "SMOOCHING AND ALSO SEX"... maybe they record another BTB song and video because the first was such a success?  I'm totally down with domestic fic or smut, too, or whatever ideas you may have. 

For art, I'd especially love something with some degree of physical (not necessarily sexual) intimacy between the three of them, not just "both guys focus on Karina" or "both the young'uns focus on Kotetsu" but with the two who aren't the focus engaged with each other as well. 

Edited to add: I neglected to mention this, but I'd much prefer something set a few years post-series, with Karina somewhere in her twenties, for this ship.  I take her for eighteen at the end of the series, so her age difference with Barnaby doesn't especially bother me, but Kotetsu's a different story.

Some favorite art:  This one was an April Fool's joke, alas (an announcement of a doujinshi; the illustration's still there.)  Page 7 out of 31 in this art log, or page 9 out of 15 in this one; or this image, or this one (including a ficlet of my own, sorry)

Dragon/Rose:  I'd love something about how the two of them deal with beginning a relationship in the public eye. Agnes is totally going to want the Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss, and either Karina or Pao-lin or won't, and while they do have secret identities to give them some semblance of a private life, their secret identities aren't nearly as secret as, say, Sky High's. Something following up on the short-term partnership mentioned in the drama CD (you can get a transcript here, or download it - the fifth one - here) would be great, too, or maybe in a few years they form a longer-term partnership that’s more about fighting crime together than modeling swimsuits?

As for art, Pao-lin in androgynous-to-masculine garb is preferred, and while I  love a princess carry as much as the next T&B fan, it's something I've seen a fair bit in art, so... maybe something else?  Or Karina doing the carrying for a change?  Battle Couple superheroics are always good, of course, or the two of them dancing (I'm assuming Pao-lin would lead.) 

My very favorite art of the two of them

Super Dangan Ronpa 2

    Sonia Nevermind/Tanaka Gundam
    Hinata Hajime/Nanami Chiaki
    Nidai Nekomaru/Owari Akane

Note: The choice is yours about things like name order and honorifics. No need to stick to Orenronen convention if it's awkward for you to write that way.

Sonia/Gundam: Oh, god, I OTP them so hard.  I was shipping it a bit before Chapter 4, and then I hit that point in the story and it was like this escalating campaign to make me fall just as head-over-heels for the two of them together as Sonia clearly had for Gundam.  It's hard to talk about it without spoilers, but I'm kind of getting sick of doing a spoiler appendix each time I request this fandom in an exchange, so I'm just going vague instead: I'd be fine either with something canon-compliant (backstory, Chapter 4 and what comes after that, post-game fic) or a normal-life AU.  You can make them happy, or rip my heart out, honestly; I'm fine with either for this fandom.  I feel like each of those pretty much suggests a story just by its setting... maybe not the normal-life AU so much.  I'm agnostic on whether canon-setting Gundam has real powers of any kind (it would hardly be the weirdest thing in the DR series, though Hinata sure seems doubtful) or if he really believes he does even though he doesn't, so if you have a strong opinion either way, feel free to use that.

And hell, if ever there was a pair born for a fantasy or fairy tale AU -- fic or art, either way -- it's these two. 

Some favorite fanart: This one (or its companion piece) or this one.

Hinata/Nanami: I was pretty much sunk from the moment Hinata was rendered speechless by Nanami in a bikini.  As with Sonia and Gundam, I'd be fine with either heart-ripping angst set sometime during the game's story, or something post-game repairing things somewhat and reuniting them.  Or something getting into Nanami's unique perspective on both life in general and the game's events in particular. 

For art, gaming together is always good, or something suggesting how they could be together post-game.

Favorites: This one, or this, or this, or for the heart-ripping sorrow variety, this one, or this pair.

Nidai/Akane: I don't remember when I decided I shipped these two, but it was probably early.  I pretty much always love characters like Akane -- girls with a blunt, punch-everything approach to life -- and Nidai's such a great match for her.  I love how much fun they clearly have sparring, and the fact that at no point does "a man can't hit a girl" come into play between them; I'd love something with fighting-as-communication or fighting-as-foreplay between them, or some other way of incorporating "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" into their relationship (one of my favorite pieces of fanart is their Pocky Kiss drawing here.)

In general, though, ANY art of the two of them together and affectionate would be awesome, because it's pretty thin on the ground.  Akane with muscles is always a plus, for the record!

Here's another favorite fanart of this pair.

Like I  said at the start -- all these prompts are just meant as suggestions, a jumping-off point, not as "these are the only things that would make me happy." 

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