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EDIT as of Nov 2: Updated with additional prompts for everything.  I'm also game for Yuleporn, so if that interests you, you can see my comment here.

Hello, writer! I hope this isn't too intimidatingly long — my prompts are always just suggestions, because some of the best gifts I've ever received have been things I didn't prompt. This letter is hopefully finished, but I've been writing it in fits and spurts while traveling and I may decide to tinker with it further once I'm back home (which shouldn't be too long after assignments go out.) I hope what I have here is helpful and not just wasted verbiage, and I hope if it's too much you feel free to ignore it.

If you want to check out some of my other fandom activity, I use the same name everywhere — [archiveofourown.org profile] lirillith and [tumblr.com profile] lirillith — but since the kind of fic I write is not totally representative of the type of fic I want to read, and my Tumblr has a lot of landscape photos, food porn, and reblogs about Free! and Ace Attorney, it may not help you much with what you want to know to write a fic.

Fic preferences )

DNWs )

One final thing: I've written extensively for some of these fandoms (and not at all for others, which isn't a favoritism thing) so if we matched on one of those, please don't feel like that means you need to make use of my interpretations of characters or relationships. You can if you want — I mean, who doesn't like it when people agree with them? — but the whole reason I'm making requests is because I want to read someone else's fic and someone else's take on the canon. My fics may give you an idea of the kind of thing I like and the way I think about fic, but they're not a complete picture. There are many things I like to read that I can't write or just haven't written yet.

Tiger & Bunny || Request: Nathan Seymour

I'm going to copy-and-paste my enthusiasm about this series from last year, because it hasn't changed.

Tiger & Bunny: I love this show for its superhero worldbuilding (who pays for the property damage? Corporate sponsors!) its tremendously likable cast, its idealistic take on heroics despite all the advertising, and its gorgeous, fascinating setting. If you're in the US, the entire show can be watched subbed on Hulu, and selected dubbed episodes are also available.

Nathan! )

Log Horizon || Request: Naotsugu and Marielle

I played MMORPGs for years (World of Warcraft primarily, with forays into LOTRO and most recently FF14) and the fantastic worldbuilding of Elder Tale both as a game and as a world is probably my favorite part. I watch this show with my husband, and we've been known to pause the series to check a character's level or to make note of the composition of a raid.

Log Horizon )

Arkham Horror || Jim Culver, Marie Lambeau

My favorite part of this game before I played it was the character bios, the idea of the ragtag band of investigators being drawn into this apocalyptic scenario. My favorite part now that I have played it is the experience of playing it, with a group that may not be min-maxing but definitely is having fun with the experience.  I apologize if you're a Lovecraft enthusiast and you got matched to me! 

Arkham Horror )

Silver Spoon || Any (Aikawa Shinnosuke, Hachiken Yugo, Inada Tamako, Mikage Aki)

It's very difficult for me to articulate what I like about Silver Spoon. I tend to just yell "THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD! HOW IS IT SO GOOD?" a lot. I love Hiromu Arakawa's writing. I mean, that's what it boils down to. I love the characters. I also love cheese, so there's that.

Silver Spoon )

Sakura and Aoi

Dangan Ronpa || Oogami Sakura and Asahina Aoi

The characters are at the heart of my love for Dangan Ronpa — I mean, especially these two, one of my biggest OTPs ever, but all the characters. Each one of them feels like the protagonist of a completely different series, which is part of why I exempt the Dangan Ronpas from my usual "no AUs" preferences; in a way it feels like each of them is in an AU already. Aoi and Sakura are the protagonists of two different sports series, stuck in a murder-game AU; Yamada got lost on his way to Genshiken; Celes wandered in from, idk, Liar Game, from what I hear? Part of what makes the deaths hurt the way they do is that it feels a bit like each character should be in a different series, one they're actually prepared for.

Dangan Ronpa. Spoilers! )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 || Request: Owari Akane

If it's hard to talk about Dangan Ronpa without spoilers, it's almost impossible for SDR2. A lot of what I said about the first game also goes for the second, but if anything, I love SDR2's cast even more: Gundam! Chiaki! Sonia! Ibuki! But Akane won out, this time.

Akane! SDR2 spoilers. Maybe some DR ones too. )

I think that's everything I'd want to say. I can't promise I'll love whatever you write, because it's certainly possible to write things I don't love, but going by past experience in fic exchanges, the odds I'll love what you write are pretty dang good. I hope my letter's somewhat helpful to you, and I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to write in the end!
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