Oct. 23rd, 2015

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I always forget this part, so -- hello, writer!  I hope you don't mind long letters!  And I hope you're able to find something useful-to-you in this wall of text. 

Each section has its own cut, so you can go back to the top page of my journal and navigate that way.  I'm so sorry this letter got so out of hand. 

A lot of my prompts may sound shippy, but I swear to you that just because I carry on at length about the dynamic between two people doesn't mean that I'm just being diplomatic when I say I'd also like gen about their friendship.  (If I desperately require shippy fic and nothing but, I'll beg pathetically for it, and have in the past.)  It's just that relationships, romantic or otherwise, give a jumping-off point, and I do tend to think of prompts in the form of "A and B in [time] and [place,] what do they do, or what do they have to say about [event]?" whether or not they're banging. 

And that's the form a lot of my prompts will take, which will either work for you or drive you mad.  All I can say is that while I do want my likes and dislikes taken into account, my prompts are just loose suggestions. If you have ideas that are inspiring you, go to town!  Some of the best gift fics I've ever received went in directions I'd never have anticipated if I'd had to write something for my request.  I hesitate to say "I'll like anything you write" because there are certainly things people could write that I wouldn't like, but historically, I've gotten awesome gifts every time, so the odds are good that I will.

The general stuff:
I would like fic to end on a hopeful or positive note overall without glossing or candy-coating painful canonical events.  I don't want an overall dark or hopeless tone, though bittersweet is okay, and I don't want the content to go darker than canon.


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Squicks, DNWs, etc.

The big one:  For personal reasons, I'd prefer that stories avoid issues of infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth, unwanted or resented pregnancies (like "This was your idea! I never even wanted kids!" not "Man, I miss keeping my food down" -- the latter is fine) or pregnancies gone wrong in some way.  Happy, healthy, wanted pregnancy is the only kind I want to see.  You don't need to go anywhere near the topic of pregnancy!  I'm only addressing this because a couple of canons that I request touch on the topic, which is a sensitive one for me.

Also DNW:
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Long Live the Queen || Elodie

Elodie and a number of her potential partners )

Ore Monogatari || Suna, Takeo, Yamato

The main trio )

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying || Kaoru and Hajime

Isn't marriage beautiful? )

Final Fantasy VI || Terra

Every time I think I'm out of things to say about FF6... )

Tiger & Bunny || Any

Prompts for ALL THE HEROES. )

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis/ Rage of Bahamut: Genesis || Favaro, Amira, Kaisar, Rita
(caution: spoilers)

Placed at the end for reasons of spoilers, but written just after finishing the series )

OKAY.  I cannot possibly think of anything else to add, thank God.  I'm the same name everywhere - [archiveofourown.org profile] Lirillith or [tumblr.com profile] lirillith though the Tumblr is probably of limited utility.  I think anon should be on here if you need to ask something.


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